Be part of the PV Review Crew!

Last week I had a Eureka moment: what if the Project Vanity Community can share their thoughts on PV about the beauty products they've tried? I love loyal readers not just because you're always on PV - I think you're a bunch of intelligent, talented, and passionate women whose opinions I deeply respect. Much of what do here at PV is shaped by those who are part of it so I thought, why not pick YOUR brains a bit more?


I'd like to introduce you to something new and exciting: the PV Review Crew. I'm gathering a group of women who can share their thoughts about specific beauty products or services and be part of exclusive events. We'll be sending them products to test and we'll be publishing results here! We've got the PV Team, of course, who write the stories you see here on the website but I'd like to take it further by having a big group review new releases or past faves.

The Review Crew will be having access to new products and services that won't even be out yet. We'll also be organizing special activities just for the members further down the line.

It's free to join - simply fill out the application form over at We only have limited slots for now so we'll be screening all applications. Thank you and good luck!