#ProtectYourself this rainy season with these tips from Watsons

For many beauty lovers, the temptation to sneak a peek inside a Watsons store is often hard to resist! Considering all the makeup and skincare finds we’ve scored there, Watsons is definitely the place to be when you want to “look good” but that’s only half of its value proposition. The brand also delivers on its promise to help customers “feel great” with products and campaigns that promote health and wellness, including how to stay protected from stress, germs, and the changing weather. We got to sit down for a short Q&A with Joyce Pring and Kris Lumagui to talk about how they keep their skin healthy and radiant even during this gloomy rainy season.

Joyce Pring

Joyce Pring

As a TV personality, maintaining a good skincare routine is important for Joyce Pring. She started using Neutrogena as a teenager, when her mom first introduced the brand to her, and she has been a loyal user ever since. She shares that her favorite Neutrogena product is the Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser, which is part of her daily regimen. A good cleanser is a must for her, followed by the gel-based Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturizer. 

PV: With the weather changing, did you do anything specific to adjust your skincare routine?

JP: Yeah, I changed my routine. [In] summer, [I focused] more on moisturizing and sunscreen. Now, I still apply sunscreen, but I pay attention to how my skin is. During the rainy season, my skin tends to look dull so I opt for something that’s brightening, like the Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Cleanser. When it was summertime, I was more prone to acne so I used the anti-acne variant then. Our skin responds to weather differently than other people so listen to your skin.

PV: How do you convince people to still wear sunscreen even during this season, and how you like the Neutrogena sunscreen?

JP: Most of the wrinkles and the lines on your face is because of sun! [A lot of] damage happens to your skin. Like Hugh Jackman, he got skin cancer so now he talks about how important sunscreen is even on gloomy days. So I love Neutrogena sunscreens, especially since I do triathlons! Their spray sunscreens, I really like that also. And I like the fact that all of their products are not greasy, so when you try it on, it’s not greasy. It is so hot in the Philippines so you need something that is more comfortable for you to wear. And I would try to convince you by saying that prevention is always better than cure, so you prevent all of these skin damage and breakage. The acne, the dirt, pollution, you prevent all of these from affecting your skin instead of looking for a cure to actually take out all of these blemishes. Protect yourself!

Host (and fellow PV girl) Karla Aguas with Kris Lumagui

Host (and fellow PV girl) Karla Aguas with Kris Lumagui

Kris Lumagui is a popular beauty vlogger,so we got especially curious about her thoughts on Snail White products and how she’s dealing with the environmental changes the season is bringing about.

PV: What’s your skin type?

KL: I'm acne-prone and extremely oily. Sometimes sensitive, it depends on the month, but usually it's acne-prone and oily.

PV: There’s a trend of changing up your skincare depending on the weather. How does Snail White fit in your routine during the rainy season? How do you use it?

KL: The first, the Snail Secretion one in white packaging, I used it during the summer. Even when it got so hot, it still worked on the skin. Now that it’s a little cooler due to the rainy season, they brought out the Snail White Gold, which I’m testing out now. It has a thicker formula and it works best on my 30-year-old skin.


PV: What makes Snail White different from other products you’ve tried?

KL: What makes it different is the formula - it's easily absorbed, though some of it will stay on top of your skin without feeling like you have Saran Wrap on your face. With Snail White, it doesn't feel like that, even though you know that there’s something on your face, it's still very comfortable.

Alden Richards, Sam YG, Yassi Pressman, and Matteo Guidicelli were also present at the Watsons #ProtectYourself event. You can check out the #ProtectYourself Facebook Live playlist at the Watsons Facebook page for the other interviews.

Karla Aguas with Alden Richards

Karla Aguas with Alden Richards

As the ultimate destination for all your beauty and wellness needs, Watsons offers a lot of other solutions to protect your health (and your skin) this rainy season. Here are more tips to try:

  1. Prevention is better than cure, so don’t let yourself be downed by a cold or flu. Strengthen your immune system by taking supplements like Fern C and MyraE. You can also up your dental hygiene by adding Listerine Mouthwash and Swish Breath Spray to your routine.

  2. Your hair and skin can also show damage and turn dry because of the weather changes. As Joyce and Kris advised, change your product lineup to suit your current condition. It may be pricier than other moisturizers but consider the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream and the Snail White Facial Cream Gold for dry and dull skin. For your hair, there's the Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth Shampoo and the Hair Treats Double Active Keratin.

  3. Heavy rains got you stuck at home? Counteract stress by indulging in DIY treatments! Hair coloring and sheet masking from Watsons’ many options are some of our favorites, and they’re pretty budget-friendly as well.

  4. If you do catch a bug, you can prevent it from getting worse by drinking more water and taking medication like Neozep and Strepsils.

Best of all, you can get these products and more online at watsons.com.ph, or visit any of their stores nationwide. 

Yassi Pressman and Matteo Guidicelli

Yassi Pressman and Matteo Guidicelli

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