Pink Sugar's 249-peso eyeliner is super black, creamy, and long-wearing

I'm lucky to call Laveen and Rohit Mirpuri of Pink Sugar my friends. I always learn new things from them when it comes to business, and they are always super frank (sometimes painfully frank) when it comes to feedback about my own business and products. I am the same with them. When you're working your ass off as hard as we all do, then there really is no time for bullshit. I appreciate that!

To be honest, Pink Sugar's first stab at eyeliner was not so good. The duo eyeliners smeared on me; customers were not impressed, so as with all things related to their brand, the brothers tried harder. They're not ones to back off from a challenge, especially when it comes to making Pink Sugar fans happy! That's why they came up with an entirely new eyeliner formulation called the Eye Candy All Day Liner (P249 in Watsons and SM Beauty Stores).

This eyeliner is ultra creamy and super black in one swipe. If you've been watching my live videos (this one is the most recent where I used the liner yesterday), you'll see exactly what I mean! It's actually comparable to the Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer in that it can be a bit too creamy and the tip too wide for a casual swipe. I always have to maintain control whenever I apply this eyeliner due to the creaminess and thick tip but it's pretty easy once I got the hang of it.

Matte and oh so black

Matte and oh so black

The blackness. Did I talk about that? This liner is so, so black and matte when it's fresh. It does tend to fade a bit after the sixth hour mark but not considerably so; it doesn't make a mess of things.


The best thing about this liner though is the staying power. At first I thought that Pink Sugar's liner is too creamy to stay put, however, once it sets IT SETS. I like that it gives you enough time to perfect the line before it becomes impossible to correct.

Yesterday, I had to attend a press launch, a dinner meeting, and then a party in the evening. I was out and about for ten solid hours, and here's what the Pink Sugar Eye Candy All Day Liner looked like after with zero retouching:

Both photos show what the eyeliner looks like after ten hours

Both photos show what the eyeliner looks like after ten hours

My makeup is creased and faded around the eye area, but the Pink Sugar liner remained strong and crisp. There is some minor smudging in the bottom lid but it's because I used a different eyeliner on my lower lash line. That's just its natural fading but it's not the Pink Sugar.

Are you impressed? Because I am! I highly recommend the Pink Sugar All Day Liner to those who are looking for creamy, true black eyeliners that can survive a long, busy day. I don't have especially oily or sweaty lids though, so do note that the wear time may be different for those who do. Let me know what you think of Pink Sugar's latest!