Review + swatches: The Maybelline V-Face Collection

Just a few years ago face contouring wasn't something you'd do on a daily basis; it was only reserved for special occasions, and a makeup artist had to be on speed dial in case of accidents and injury to our self-confidence (mostly). Kidding aside, I do love the fact that contouring is so common and affordable now. Good, convenient products meant specifically for face slimming magic can be had for a great price at the drugstore.

Maybelline recently came out with their V-Face by Face Studio line to help us achieve our contouring ambitions. Each product has at least two different shades to get you different effects. Which one is best for you and how do they perform in actual? Here's a quick rundown!

Face Studio V-Face Duo Contour Stick (P499). This dual-ended stick has a matte contour shade on one end and a pearly highlighter on the other. It's the quickest way to sculpt your face on the go since it only requires your fingers - the texture is easy to blend on top of foundation, whether it's powder or liquid. I quite like the highlighter since it's subtle and gives skin that dreamy, soft focus effect. It has just the right amount of pearlescent shimmer that's not spackly at all!

I appreciate the convenience, but the formula and specifically the contour shade leaves a lot to be desired. The shade I have, Medium, is too orange for my taste, even when it's blended out. T___T Not sure what Maybelline was thinking there. I mean I've had some orange-y cream contours in the past but the warmth always works with my yellow skin tone. This one though is quite obviously NOT skin-like unless you're an oompa loompa. I used it in this video, if you want to know how it looks like exactly.

The cream also pills. It has a bit of this moussey texture so when you press down, bits of it kinda roll off. It's easy enough to dust away or blend down but it's downright distracting.

Staying power is average for face color, around 3-4 hours.

Try this if: You want to contour anywhere, wherever. It offers the convenience of swiping on lipstick, but this time on your face!

Face Studio V-Face Duo Powder in Medium Dark (P499). This is my fave out of the three. Imagine retouching your face during the day AND CONTOURING IT EVER SO SUBTLY each time. That's genius! I always retouch around my contoured areas so as not to disturb or erase the shading. I find it common sense to just use powder that can boost contour while removing shine.

The Duo Powder, unlike the Stick, has a more neutral tone to it. It's closer to an actual contour shade. The effect is subtle so it needs to be layered if you're looking for sharp contrast. However, I like that it's not in-your-face and looks so soft. Just check out my FOTD below! Staying power is also average for a powder (3-4 hours) but it comes with a brush and mirror inside so you can retouch any time. I'd still want to use a proper brush though since the included tool is way too small.

Try this if: You want to be able to retouch and contour your face during the day without any hassle.

Face Studio V-Face Blush Contour in Wine (P399). I don't normally respect tiny blush/contour palettes because, come on, how are you getting your brush in there? Seriously! It's so frustrating. But if you can be patient with the tiny space for your brush, I think you'll enjoy Maybelline's version. It's pigmented and the contour shade here is the darkest out of the three products I've reviewed; it also has a taupe tint to it.

The first pink is a light one, to be applied as a sort of highlight. Then the darker pink is the main blush shade, while the contour holds it all together. You can achieve a nice 3D effect with this palette but don't bother if you have a normal blush brush. Don't bother also with the brush included because it's just, gah. The fibers are so hard and thick as to render it unusable (are we not in 2016???). I recommend going for something like the Zoeva Luxe Highlight brush or if you have a blending brush ala MAC 217, that should be fine too.  

Don't get me wrong ha - I don't hate this. In fact I like the colors a lot and the palette as a whole does create a nice effect on the cheeks! Staying power is average also (3-4 hours) and the shades goes on smoothly, if a bit powdery. However, maybe you should go for their normal-sized contour trio if you don't have the right tools yet.

Try this if: You want it all! And you have small face brushes, too.

In this FOTD, I used the Duo Powder and Blush Contour! I applied the powder under my cheekbones and on my jawline, as well as on the center of my face (the light color is a good match there). The Blush Contour went on my cheeks, and the dark shade I used to contour my nose - it surprisingly looks good there. The effect is nice right? Very smooth and looks natural, IMHO! 

If you had to try the V-Face by Face Studio line, I would recommend the Duo Powder. It just works! I do want to be able to contour a bit while I retouch. Though I'd probably replace the brush with a sponge applicator instead, just for convenience.

Thoughts? How do you like this Maybelline collection?