3 fool-proof ways to adjust your foundation to your new tan

Did you celebrate summer with a trip or two to the beach? If you did, chances are you came home beach with a lovely tan. Although the golden glow can make you feel like a legit beach babe, you may have realized your foundation no longer matches your skin tone! Shopping for a new face base isn't the most practical solution, especially when you're on a budget, but luckily there are some hacks that bring harmony back to your foundation match.

Make your own liquid cocktail

If you have a darker liquid foundation that's too off to use on its own, simply mix a little bit of that to your regular liquid foundie! Finding the perfect blend may be a bit tricky at first, so start by adding only a small amount of the dark shade to your normal one. Swatch it on your jawline and don't be satisfied until your custom color disappears in the area! 

We recommend mixing similar base and undertone foundations to keep the formula consistent. This means mixing water-based products together, or cream bases with like formulations. When you've found your match, mix a little bit more in a clean acrylic jar or bottle and set it aside for future use. 

Layer like a boss

If you wet foundation is ever too light, you can always set it with slightly darker powder. This will mix with your base and natural oils. Pick one with heavy coverage to offset the lighter shade. If dry skin is a concern, we have a list of powders that won't dry out your skin!

Bronze and contour

Now’s the best time for us to use our bronzing and contouring skillz to maximum effect! Bronzer can make our complexion look a bit darker when applied properly, while contour makes your neck and face colors blend better.

Apply a sheer layer of bronzer lightly where the sun naturally hits the face - cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead, and chin are the top hot spots. It's like highlighting, just with a warmer tone. You may also choose to softly contour your cheekbones, jawline, and nose to get even more definition and dilute the appearance of your slightly-too-light foundation.

Artdeco makes such beautiful matte bronzers!  Check out our review .

Artdeco makes such beautiful matte bronzers! Check out our review.

If you don't want to be hassled by these hacks, well, you don't have to spend much for a product that you'll only use for a season. Check out our Under 400 foundation list for one that won't put much of a dent on your wallet, and may even be reused as a contour shade when you return to your natural coloring.

Did you get a tan this summer? How are you matching foundation to your new skin tone?