Yes, there is makeup for your hair!

Confession: I apply makeup for my hair. My hair is thinning at a rate I'm not comfortable with, and there's pretty much nothing I can do about it since it's genetic. Everybody in my immediate family has the same problem so I don't have a lot of options except to manage it with products or go for an expensive hair transplant.

Still, I'm not letting it go just like that. I mean, I'm not in this business for nothing! I was browsing Althea a couple of months back when I saw the Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow (P600). It's a powder that's designed specifically to tidy the hairline since Koreans (god bless their hearts) don't like the look of messy baby hair. Never mind the name as I was curious enough to add it to my cart! 

Now I've tried using eyeshadows and eyebrow powders to shade my hairline before. They work great but it takes time to blend them properly and to get juuuuust the right amount of pigmentation. Otherwise they get patchy, which then looks weird to the naked eye. What I love the most about the Mamonde Hair Shadow is that I just stamp the powder on and I'm done! That's it. The pigmentation is perfect and the sponge applicator is flawless for the job.

The finish is natural, as if I don't have any on unless you know what you're looking for. Don't believe it? Here are pics!

I use the shade 06 Baby Face Hair

I use the shade 06 Baby Face Hair

Staying power is not too bad at about 4-5 hours since I don't get oily on my hairline and I remove sweat as it comes. When it does start to fade, it just softens; it's not messy-looking. It's compact enough and comes with a mirror so that it can be applied on the go!

Overall, I highly recommend the Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow to pretty much anyone who needs some invisible help for their hairline. ;) It helps me feel more confident about my hair problem, even though it's such a small thing! Ah, the power of makeup at work.

Have you tried applying makeup to improve the appearance of your hair? What do you use?

Photography by Samantha Gonzales