Five MAC techniques to get you looking light and bright

You don’t even need to be a makeup lover to have heard of MAC. The brand is a gold standard in quality and variety for pro artist makeup, and the prestige attached to owning their products have even caused some to resort to less-than-legit means of acquiring their own. But part of what makes shopping at MAC so special is that there’s always a trained makeup artist around to assist you in the process of finding the right cosmetics. There’s certainly prestige in knowing that you have created a customized look that perfectly suits your features with the guidance of a beauty professional! 

Recently, I joined MAC Techniques Light and Bright workshop, conducted by Raf Mañosca. The workshop focused on creating a dewy, glowing look like the kind Koreans are known for. It’s a great way to look more fresh, perfect for gals who are constantly stressed and lack sleep (#hugot). Here’s what you need to know!

Start with good skincare

Regardless of the makeup look you want to achieve, you should always begin the routine by applying skin care products. The MAC way of doing it involves applying lotion, hydrating mist, serum, moisturizing gel, eye cream, and lip treatment. (If it seems like a lot to you, then you probably haven’t heard of the full Korean skincare regimen)

Raf explains that those with oily skin should pay even more attention to creating a proper skincare routine as lack of hydration can cause overproduction of sebum, making matters worse. MAC skincare products have a lightweight quality, so they layer well under makeup.

Specific Products Used: Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula Softening Lotion, Mineralize Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist, Lightful C 2-in-1 Serum, Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel, Lightful C Vibrancy Eye Cream, and Lip Conditioner.

Create your own custom highlighter

This DIY tip will give you the pro artist feels: you can create your own liquid highlighter by combining a face oil with your favorite powder highlighter! Raf scraped a little bit of Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade onto a stainless palette and added a few drops of Prep + Prime Essential Oils. He mixed them together with a spatula to produce a runny liquid with suspended shimmer pigments, and we were wowed by its effect on the skin. The oil served to sheer the pigmentation out, giving the cheekbones a natural-looking glow.

Fill in eyebrows fast

As much as we want to spend time perfecting our arches, that is not always an option. For brows done in a jiffy, Raf used the Veluxe Brow Liner to create a curved solid line following the bottom shape of the brows and filled in the mid-portion of the brows. Then he brushed the color upwards, so that the hard lines are faded away and the pigmentation looks more dispersed and hair-like.

Work your creases the right way

Since I have monolids, it’s always been a challenge to define my crease without the fold “eating” everything up. I’ve always aimed the eyeshadow brush directly on my socket line but there is a tendency for it to create an obvious line. To avoid this, use a good blending brush like MAC 217 and aim it at the lash line, blending and working the eyeshadow up to the socket line. It produces a smoother gradation and prevents harsh lines!

Coordinate your blush and highlighter

You may know about matching blush to your lipstick, but did you know that you should also pick a complementary highlighter? For the same reason that you want an overall cohesive look with your blush and lippie, a highlighter in the wrong shade may end up looking garish rather than glowing. For example, bright pink blush and copper highlighter aren't exactly a match made in heaven as the contrasting colors look so unnatural. A pink blush would go great with a neutral, light beige highlighter, while a bronzer and copper highlighter can play up a tanned look. It's best to stick to using colors from the same palette so your overall makeup look is harmonious rather than confused.

Want to attend a MAC workshop? Workshops start at P5,000 and it’s a great deal because the amount is fully consumable through a voucher for MAC products given after the class. MAC has also released the nifty MAC Technique app (free to download on Android and iOS) so you can check out upcoming classes near your location and get info on what each of the classes are about. Once booked, attendees will be given a code to input into the app for exclusive access to other features like class notes, product photos, and a guide to the finished look.

Which tips will you be adapting for your makeup techniques? What MAC workshops would you be interested to attend?