Christmas Shopping Alert: The Lush Holiday Gift Collection

When it comes to natural, handmade soaps and body treats, Lush is one brand that immediately comes to mind. Nothing compares to the distinctive scent of their products, and coupled with their cute take on design, their products are simply the [bath] bomb! They’ve got your covered from head to toe (ever heard of their shampoo bars?), and well into the holiday season!

The brand recently unveiled their Winter Collection at the newly renovated Lush store at Bonifacio High Street. I’m really loving the sleek and crafty modern apothecary feel of the store, which serves as the perfect foil to their more colorful products. Their classic black and white recyclable packaging also stands out as the products are lined up neatly in shelves which makes you want to keep shopping.

In true Lush fashion, wash areas are provided so you can enjoy trying out their products. Everything smells so good but since we can’t afford to buy everything, here are our top picks for gifting to others (and to ourselves!).

Bath Bombs

Although tubs are not exactly commonplace here in the Philippines, you should definitely pick up a couple of these bombs for when you find yourself in a hotel room with one! You can skip heading to the spa if you throw in some bath bombs into the tub because the soak and the wonderful aroma are just so soothing and luxurious.

The Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb with its lavender scent is perfect for children and grown-ups alike for a soothing bedtime routine. For a more visual treat, the Northern Lights Bath Bomb and the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb are awesome choices. Both bombs create lovely colorful swirls (blue and yellow with “popping candy” for Northern Lights and “liquid gold with a sparkling turquoise explosion” for Golden Wonder) to perk up your bath time.

Bubble Bars

Mountains of bubbles are produced by these bars in cutesy shapes, making these great for kiddie bath time. Topping our faves are the Snowie Bubble Bar (P345) and the Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar (P275), which both look exactly as they are named!

Of course, we'd want the fun times to last so choosing the reusable ones like the Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar (P395) and the Jester Reusable Bubble Bar (P545) will make bubbles a common sight in your bathroom for a couple of days.


If you don't have a bathtub, no worries! You can still enjoy Lush's scent-sational products with soapy treats for your skin, eyes, and nose.

There's the Shooting Stars Soap (P275/100g) filled with vitamins and antioxidants because of the Lemon Oil, and the Baked Alaska Soap (P225/100g) that is zesty and uplifting due to the Grapefruit Oil.

Interactive fun

Multi-purpose products are excellent gift ideas, since the receiver can decide what they want to do with it. Instead of buying the premade bars, you can shape, mix, and mold this as you please! This way you can totally customize them in your preferred design, and add a true personal touch. Three of the Christmas themed variants are Elf on the Shelf FUN (P575), Reindeer and Robin FUN (P575), and Santa FUN (P425).


Makeup lovers, rejoice! Lush did not forget about us, and have lip tints packed with moisturizing benefits in lovely festive colors. The holiday-themed choices are Santa Baby (P375) for that bright reddish pout, and Sugar Plum Fairy (P425) for a hint of purple. I will probably get these as stocking stuffers for my BFFs, and myself, too!

Gift Sets

In case the sheer number of choices is making your head spin, they also have gift sets to make life easier for you. The Joy to the World gift set (P925) includes 45g of Dream Cream self-preserving hand and body lotion plus 120g of Santa’s Post Box Soap.

The Ice Cube gift set (P1725) is all about refreshment with 100g of Whoosh shower jelly, 50g of the Christingle body conditioner, a Frozen bath bomb, and a 90g slice of Igloo soap.

My personal favorite would have to be the Santa in Space gift set (P2195) for the ultimate fun present! It has the Northern Lights bath bomb, a Santa FUN in 200g, a Big Bang bubble bar, an Intergalactic bath bomb, and 100g of Twilight shower gel.

Charity Pot

Lush provides plenty of vegan options and promotes environment-friendly sourcing, making them an attractive brand to support. They also have their Charity Pot campaign, which had them working recently with CARA Welfare for the rehabilitation of rescued dogs at the Laguna Pitbull sanctuary, and Piglas Pilipinas in a movement against the use of fossil fuels in Batangas City. The Lush Charity Pot (available at P295/45g, P485/95g, P925/240g) is the gift that truly keeps on giving

What is your favorite Lush product? Which Lush Winter Holiday item made your wishlist this year?

Lush is available at Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Estancia Mall, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3, Robinsons Magnolia, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, SM Mall of Asia, and Trinoma. Visit them online on Facebook and Instagram.