The Brown Lippie Swatch Party: Which L'Oreal color is your soul mate?

No doubt about it: brown is the lipstick color of the year. Countless iterations of this shade last seen adorning the lips of cool chicks in the 90s came out with renewed vigor this 2016 and we are all the prettier for it! The trend continues as L'Oreal released and re-promoted shades of their best-selling lipstick franchise recently, all in pretty versions of brown.

I've reviewed the L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick (P400) several times so I won't go into too much detail this time. It's a nice lipstick for the price, with average staying power and generally good pigmentation. As for comfort, the satin formula is quite slippery on the lips, but is hydrating nonetheless. The mattes are creamy and non-drying, even with the shine-free finish. I do hope they make these scentless in the future. I'm not digging the waxy scent at all.

Anyway, these nine shades span three collections. Maple Mocha is part of the Moist Matte line, while Rose Fondu and Chocolat Rouge are both from the Matte Parisian Browns collection. The rest are from the permanent Color Riche Lipcolour selection! Here my swatches and color notes.

Chocolat Rouge and Maple Mocha are both nice brown MLBBs with a peachy tint. They both look quite similar when worn, though Chocolat Rouge is a teensy bit brighter while Maple Mocha is more brown. Both have a matte finish.

Rose Fondu is a nude pinkish brown. It's actually close to the color of my natural lips! I love that it doesn't wash me out as it's quite warm. This is not streaky (considering it's a nude), and also features a matte finish. Sorry I forgot to swatch this on my lips, but take my word for it - it's gorgeous! 

Another pretty brown nude is Nature's Blush. This has a more mocha persuasion compared to Chocolat Rouge and Maple Mocha, but enjoys the same peachy tone. It's my other fave from this selection of browns.

Divine Wine and Spiced Cider also look similar on me. I'd say Spiced Cider is more full bodied with a more muted tone. Raisin Rapture also *almost* looks similar to the two, but it has a redder hue.

Cinnamon Toast and Spiced are darkest. Cinnamon Toast looks like a deep burnt orange, while Spiced is a deep bordeaux wine brown. Unfortunately they apply streaky on me so I recommend using a lip liner (maybe brown or red) to get these shades to look more solid.

My top picks are: Rose Fondu, Nature's Blush, Chocolat Rouge and Spiced Cider. ^_^ Get these if you're looking for everyday browns that will never go out of style! How about your faves? Have you tried any of these colors yet?

Product photography by Samantha Gonzales