The Queen of All Media is set to slay with Ever Bilena, and here's how

“YASSS, QUEEN!” is such a liberally used expression of admiration at this point, but there are a select few people who just own the title and can't be called anything less. It’s partly in the way they carry themselves, with unapologetic confidence and grace, and how they command the room with the sheer magnitude of their presence. You know who I’m talking about: breathing the same air as Beyonce, Gal Gadot, or RuPaul would leave me stunned and speechless. Whether you're a fan or not, it's hard not to feel the same way with Kris Aquino, who has the poise worthy of a true royal. After all, she's Queen of All Media!


The title is well-deserved as Kris has displayed her talents in numerous ways: talk show host, scream queen, magazine editrix, celebrity endorser, and most recently, online influencer. So when a local beauty brand like Ever Bilena tapped her to be their new brand endorser, the reaction was a combination of amazement and disbelief. To some, it was an obvious choice as she is a self-professed kikay and was bound to add a beauty brand to her long list of endorsements. (Ever Bilena is her 39th brand ambassadorship, to be precise!) To others, the news was met with much skepticism as Kris is known to favor designer brands. Has she even ever tried Ever Bilena?

All traces of doubt were wiped when members of the media bore witness to Kris’s contract signing with Ever Bilena’s big bosses Dioceldo Sy and Silliman Sy. At the succeeding press conference, Kris shared that she actually had her staff purchase several Ever Bilena products for her to try prior to her meeting with the brand. By the time they actually met to discuss the brand ambassadorship, Kris was already prepared with the EB products that she liked and the colors she wanted to see!


Does it even come as a surprise that her faves include the brow products and the lippies? “Kilay is life,” Kris quipped. “I feel like my face is incomplete [without it]... I think all Filipinas feel that way: You can leave the house with just powder, pero you cannot leave without kilay.” She went on to liken EB’s below-P200 brow color to an imported luxury brand’s that costs ten times more.

Ever Bilena Flatlay.JPG

For the pout, Kris spoke about how impressive the pigmentation and glide of the EB lipsticks were, and how she didn’t have to retouch until after eating. She wore a mix of the Liquid Lipstick in Thalia and the Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick in Red Carpet to the contract signing, saying that a statement red lip immediately adds “glamour plus points”. She also hinted at a perfect pink nude lippie she loves but cannot name, because EB wants to wait until a major restock of that particular shade happens. (A bit of sleuthing of Kris’s videos seems to point to the Ever Bilena Liquid Lipstick in Serena as the pretty nude she was referring to!)

Photo by Katsy Faustino

Photo by Katsy Faustino

And, of course, as expected from a Kris Aquino press conference, there was even a surprise revelation: coming out in the next few months are the Kris Life Kits! While no details were divulged to indicate what would be in the kits, she did emphatically mention her love for makeup basics like powder, lipsticks, and brow products. (Hint, hint!) Needless to say, we are waiting with bated breath for when that collection drops.

What was your reaction to Kris Aquino’s latest brand ambassador deal? Are you looking forward to the Kris Life Kits and hoping for makeup how-to videos like we are? What Ever Bilena products have you tried and loved? Let us know in the comments below!