My new red-purple hair from JuRo Salon

"Are you ready for something new?" Rose asked me as soon as I settled into my seat at JuRo Salon. I've been going there since 2013 and after after a couple of instances of infidelity, swore never to go anywhere else again. It's not just not worth the pain and suffering that comes with getting the wrong hair cut and color in the hands of someone who doesn't really know you nor care about how you'll look in six months. At JuRo, loyalty is rewarded by two hair dressers who are not only the best at what they do, but seem to genuinely care about how your hair fits your life.

Perhaps Jude and Rose has sensed that I'm a little (okay maybe more than just a little) bored of my hair. I already like my length so Jude expertly updated it with shorter layers in the back, with a longer front to keep frizzing to a minimum. These days I don't have time to blow dry so this is as always, a wash and wear kinda hair cut.

Rose really outdid herself this time though. She said, "I'm going to give you red purple hair! Is that okay?" I was honestly a little taken aback but I trust Rose absolutely. I have never imagined myself with purple hair but I've always secretly wanted one. I like painting my girls sometimes with purple hair, to cope!


I was a little worried about the damage though. Apparently, to get the color Rose would have to bleach my hair before applying the purple dye all over. Luckily there's a new product called Olaplex. It sort of coats the hair before and after bleach to prevent damage.


True enough, it works! My hair doesn't feel vastly different than it does aside from a small amount of dryness at the ends. My hair doesn't feel like a bush after the bleach, that's for sure. 

After about four hours in the salon, I finally got my fiery red yet deep purple hair. I love it! The dye ran for about three or four washes but I'm left with this beautiful red purple hair. In the photos it's more red, but in person you will see the purple hues. They're rather difficult to photograph since they only come out in direct light - just how I'd prefer it.


Yep, it's definitely not day glo purple. For this kind of color, I feel it's really classy and well-done. ^_^ So yes, if you want to try something new and exciting, you can't go wrong with Jude and Rose. If you have difficult hair, I highly recommend going to them to whip it into shape, with Jude's precision cutting skills and Rose's artistic sense when it comes to coloring. 

Rose also handed me some Elgon goodies. It's an Italian brand that's been in the professional hair care business for 50 years! She gave me a Volumizing Shampoo and Spray (a root lifter to create volume in my fine hair), and a color refresher specifically for Deep Violet hair. I will review these separately next time. ^_^


So there you go, my latest JuRo look. What do you think? Will you go for such a striking dye job?

JuRO now has an Instagram account @Jurosalonexclusif

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