Join our secret group, be part of the Project Vanity Community on Facebook

If you're on Facebook all day (like myself and the PV Team), then you should join our "secret" group! The Project Vanity Community is a closed group where we encourage everyone to talk about beauty as well as women's issues. This is different from our official Facebook page; the PVC is a safe space to ask questions, share interesting pieces of content, rave or rant about your latest haul, and interact with the PV Team.

Call it our treehouse or pillow fort, if you like. ^_^  We just have a little over 400 members currently, but we hope to get more Project Vanity readers involved. This is where we will be sharing Project Vanity's events and kits first, plus we're looking into organizing swaps or maybe sales here among members in the future. What do you think?

You're definitely invited! Just ask to join and we'll approve you. See you there!