It's finally in the PH! Let's all gush at the iPhone 7 in Rose Gold

This story is brought to you by Smart

My favorite color - and I say this with zero irony or sarcasm - is pink. I don't deck myself head to toe with the shade but I do love pops of it upon my person and my surroundings at all times! I wear black and white more often because they're easy, sophisticated, and require little thought. Pink however is the color that makes me happy no matter the shade. Do you feel this way about certain colors too?

Anyway, last night, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were officially released in the Philippines. I was at Smart's big party at Eastwood City Walk to celebrate with the Smart team and fellow ambassadors. Since I've been a postpaid subscriber for quite some time now (four years I think?), I decided to upgrade my plan to get the new iPhone 7! My plan used to be Data 1500 but after checking my past bills I realized that I spend roughly P2,000 to P2,300 on my Smart bill - I might as well get a new phone under Smart's 2499 plan.

I love that this plan requires no cash out so I didn't have to pay anything. According to the website, this entitles me to 15GB data + 1 free app monthly, unlimited texts to all networks and 80 mins call to all networks for P2,499 a month. Sounds good! I have to be online 24/7 and document stories for Project Vanity at all times so this is perfect for my work. 



I'm so glad I got the Rose Gold after initially being informed that it was no longer available. <3 I haven't submitted it to the daily grind yet but I'm loving the new home button, bigger space (32 gig is the minimum now - I can finally re-install FF7 and FF9 OMG), better camera (for Instagram stories and Facebook live yay), and better speakers (for muni muni moments with music during traffic, haha)! I hear that it also has a couple of hours extra juice compared to the iPhone 6s which is obviously handy.

So yes, my new Smart iPhone 7 is right at home with my favorite Rose Gold things. Order it now at Smart's website

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