What A Spice: A tale of two gorgeous Inglot brown lipsticks

They looked much too similar at first that I thought I got the same colors. But even though they're separated only by four counts on the shade scale, the Inglot Lipstick Matte in 445 and 449 (P895 each) are sisters - not twins. I have so many brown lipsticks already that I didn't open them until two months after Inglot sent them, which is regrettable since these shades are beautiful, wearable, and worth keeping an eye on in case they get buried in my lipstick pile!

These two shades are actually part of the last Inglot lip collection called What A Spice. We swatched the liquid lipsticks and pencils previously, so please check there for more shades. I've tried a few Inglot matte lipsticks as well and remember their texture being on the hard side. That's still true here but I appreciate how long-wearing they are - they stay on for 4-5 hours, has minimal transfer on glass and tissue, and do not entirely come away even with a meal. 

Indeed, 445 and 449 look similar in the tube but when worn they show off different looks. 445 is a color I would wear to say, a first tête-à-tête with the boyfriend's parents. It's an innocent-looking and serene peachy brown, a brown that can do no wrong! 449 on the hand is darker, a bit more plum. It's still demure as dark brown shades go, but it it's ready to party at a moment's notice.


I love them both! I like to wear a layer of lip balm first to make the formula glide on more smoothly (expect a hard texture here as the lipstick is a true matte) and to moisturize my lips as well. Otherwise, I appreciate the opacity and staying power which make the Inglot Lipstick Matte a worthy splurge in the growing pantheon of brown mattes.