Perfectly Cheeky: The Inglot AMC Face Blush and Illuminator

I love myself a pretty, natural flush that takes no time to apply. That's why I keep a few cream blushes on hand, just in case I need to step out quick without looking like a zombie. You guys may remember my review of the Glossier Cloud Paint, which I liked a lot, but there's something similar and locally available: the Inglot AMC Face Blush (P1,195 /15ml) and the Face and Body Illuminator (P1,195 / 15ml).

1707 inglot liquids-2.jpg

The Face Blush is a liquid blush with a creamy, easy to blend texture that looks natural when blended with fingers. A small amount goes a long way with this one! I also like tinting my lips a bit with it although it's not quite the ideal formula for that use. It's a wee bit powdery on the lips, but it just cuts my prep time, so I don't mind too much.

Staying power is average at around 3-4 hours, depending on how oily you area. It can be applied on bare skin or layered on top of powder as the texture is mousse-y. I do like using my fingers with it, but if you have a dense brush for cream products, that will work just as well.


The shade I have is quite lovely. Number 93 gives my cheeks a pretty peach-pink flush that serves to brighten my warm skin tone. I love it! I also like using it on my lips just to coordinate and create a cohesive look. The color starts with a bit of a sheen but sets completely matte.

Using the   Inglot AMC Face Blush  in 93 and  Face and Body Illuminator in 69

Using the  Inglot AMC Face Blush in 93 and Face and Body Illuminator in 69

The Face and Body Illuminator in 69 is also lovely on skin. It's a golden champagne shade that serves as a subtle highlight on the high points of the face. It can also be used to highlight the body, such as the collarbone, shoulders, decolette, and even legs. If you want a softer highlight for everyday, you can mix this in with your body lotion the same way Jennifer Lopez does! It can also be mixed with a matte foundation for a more dewy finish.

1707 inglot liquids-1.jpg

I do have to note that each bottle has 15ml of product. Considering how little one needs per use, this is A LOT! For reference the Glossier Cloud Paint has 10ml. The Inglot liquids are impossible for an average person to finish, so I would recommend sharing this with someone else via a decant as it's quite pricey. If you're a makeup artist, this should be easier to finish off (especially the illuminator).

The pump, I find, can deposit just the right amount of product if you're careful. The smallest amount of pressure should do the trick! Otherwise it pumps out way too much and you end up wasting the product. Seriously, just press the tiniest bit.

Overall, I highly recommend the Inglot AMC Face Blush and Face and Body Illuminator IF you like working with liquid face colors like I do. They just look closer to skin compared to powders! But at the same time, this is not cheap, so you have to choose your shade carefully. For me, the Blush in 93 has a "forever blush" potential. It just looks so good against my skin.

Let me know what you think, as always! Have you tried these new products from Inglot?

Product photography by Samantha Gonzales