In Her Element has proudly Pinoy-made sets ready for gifting (starts at P995)!

Skincare isn’t just about vanity. It’s about spending a few minutes of your day taking care of yourself and your needs, stepping back from the things you do for others and focusing on those that only you can do for yourself. It’s peace and space that you get to carve out; getting good skin in the process is a great result, too!

This season, I think it would be great to gift good skin and me-time with skincare sets from In Her Element. My skincare brand has lovely formulations that focus on brightening skin, clearing pores, and fading blemishes faster. We came out with three sets that we think you’ll love:

photographed by Samantha Gonzales

photographed by Samantha Gonzales

Merry and Bright Kit (P2,995, worth P3,695) contains everything a girl would need to get started on her In Her Element routine. It has the Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser to balance skin as you wash, infusing it with pure rose distillate and aloe gel. Then you can follow it with the Petal Skin Rose Toning Essence and the best-selling Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer. Top it off with the Triple Treat Eye Cream to freshen up and hydrate the eye area, too! Once or twice a week, use the Petal Skin Rose Clay Mask to clear off dead skin, clogged pores, and exfoliate deeper with glycolic acid.


The Rose Kit (P995, worth P1,270) contains our customer favorites, the Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser and the Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer! This is a great set for gifting as you can NOT go wrong with these two must-haves. You can also stock up while it’s on bundle price. ;)


The Glow Kit (P995, worth P1,335) focuses on exfoliation with the Glow Job 5% Glycolic Gel Cream. This alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) is gentle yet effective in helping to fade spots faster over time; it must be paired with the Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser for maximum efficacy. Add shine to your lips and a natural highlight on your cheekbones too with the Nourishing Cocoa Balm!


We hope you like the sets and support our proudly local-made skincare brand! I am forever grateful to everyone who gives us a chance. In Her Element is small but it’s made by passionate people who care about skin and what goes in it. <3

You can get these holiday sets exclusively at INHERELEMENT.PH. In Her Element’s regular products are available at BeautyMNL and select Beauty Bar branches.