Rose-themed nails take center stage in the Happy Skin x KC Concepcion collab

You’d think that celebrities get everything they want, or at least the exact shade of nail polish for their mani-pedi. That wasn’t the case for KC Concepcion, though, that fateful day she got her nails done at the exact same nail salon as Happy Skin co-founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. KC wanted a specific shade of coral that she’d previously tried before in Korea but nothing in the salon’s extensive collection even came close as a dupe. After hearing KC’s story and description of the hard-to-find hue, Rissa offered to make it with Happy Skin! Thus, the idea for  #HappySkinxKC Express Gel Polish Collection was born!

That chance meeting led to the addition of two new shades in Happy Skin’s Express Gel Polish line, whose initial release made a nail polish convert of our editor-in-chief Liz. The unique color selection shows that KC had a clear vision of what she wanted: standout but wearable shades suitable for all occasions and skin tones. Her signature rose design is imprinted on the nail polish caps as well - it’s a throwback to when she played Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and mirrors her rose-themed jewelry line, Avec Moi. “Roses are like women,” KC further explains. “A rose is a flower that is fragile but also strong. And when you look at a rose or when you smell a rose, it just uplifts you. So that’s why the rose for me is very symbolic - I became a woman in the last 2 to 3 years, and went from being a girl to being a woman. It’s very symbolic for me to have the rose as a symbol of womanhood.”


KC has already proven that she can do it all, with her many hats of actress, singer, TV show host, UN ambassador, and jewelry designer. So I just had to ask why she chose nails for her first foray into the beauty business. “To get people to pay more attention to them,” she said simply. She continued to say that she was happy that many people are now woke about self-care and cosmetics. Everyone seemed to be updated on the latest lipsticks and foundations, but nails aren’t really on top of people’s lists. She was also already a fan of Happy Skin’s vegan gel nail polish formula, and so she seized the opportunity to collaborate with the homegrown brand.

#HappySkinxKC Express Gel Polish in  Power

#HappySkinxKC Express Gel Polish in Power

The shade Power is a deep cherry red hue, an unexpectedly flattering shade on me. This is the first dark red nail polish that I’ve liked! I had always felt that burgundy and maroon shades kind of look villain-y and too mature, but Power’s vibrant mix of colors keeps it young while delivering that visual impact. Plus, I love that it’s already a 2-in-1 formula with base and color. It doesn’t stain my nail beds and cuticles, as anyone who’s tried regular red nail polish inevitably experiences.

#HappySkinxKC Express Gel Polish in Beauty

#HappySkinxKC Express Gel Polish in Beauty

I found a new HG shade in Beauty, described as a luxurious apricot color. This is the shade that KC was obsessing over, and now I understand why! It’s a great choice for those who want a nude shade that packs a bit of a pinkish peach punch. KC shared that she even had to try eight similar shades for their final revision. I would have gone cross-eyed if I had to do that!

#HappySkinxKC Express Gel Polish in   Beauty

#HappySkinxKC Express Gel Polish in Beauty

I’m blown away with the quality of these polishes! My nails got a total of four coats: the Nail Rebuilder Serum Natural Color + Treatment (P299) went on first and honestly could have worked on its own. It had an understated iridescent pinkish tone to it that was incredibly pretty! It also has Hydrolyzed Collagen and Lemon Peel Oil to treat brittleness and yellowing, respectively. Next up, I got two coats of the #HappySkinxKC Express Gel Polish (P299). One coat was opaque enough, but layering properly gave the color a more solid look. Finally, the Express Gel Polish Mirror-Shine Top Coat (P249) tops everything off with a pretty shine!

It might sounded like too much work and too many steps, but in reality my manicure went quickly! Each coat dried so fast, there was literally no waiting time and my nail technician easily switched from one hand to the other. I loved the finished look I got, plus these polishes don’t need to be set by a skin-damaging UV lamp!

Power and Beauty.jpg

Considering that I didn’t take any special care in preserving my manicure, I was shocked that it stayed intact for a week (and counting!). There are visible bare arches underneath at the base because of nail growth, and a few chips around the edges, but that was it.

Needless to say, I think KC Concepcion’s first foray into beauty will be a success! Aside from the fact that the collection sold out in a mere six hours after launching online at Zalora, the color selection and quality of the polishes are topnotch.

After 1 week.jpg

The #HappySkinxKC Express Gel Polish collection is available at, select Happy Skin boutiques, and Zalora. You can also get a Get a limited edition Happy Skin Nail File when you purchase the #HappySkinxKC Express Gel Polish set!

For this collection, everything’s coming up roses! Which shade caught your eye? Are you #TeamPower or #TeamBeauty?