Editor's Review: Are the Happy Skin Kiss-Proof Lip & Cheek Tints any good?

Lip tint is an easy product to make, but tricky to make right. I can only count in one hand the tint formulas I actually like to wear! Most tints end up being streaky and super dry on my lips. In worst cases, they won’t even stick to my upper lip, resulting in a weird bald finish! I'm still all for tints though. I like to play tennis and recently, I've been rowing every weekend, so I'm always on the look out for something quite specific. My work-out lip product has to feel like practically nothing on my lips, wear well even when I'm working out, and keep my lips reasonably moisturized.

It's a tall order, but I'm happy to report that the Happy Skin x Sanrio Kiss-Proof Lip & Cheek Tint (P399 at happyskincosmetics.com) neatly fits my requirements. These tints leave this solid, juicy color on my lips after a couple of layers. They feel watery at first but has this oily (yet light) feel on the lips, which allows me to skip the lip balm prep if I don't have time. I love wearing these when I'm out and about since they are indeed kiss-proof and long-wearing - up to four hours, even with eating and drinking! They don't transfer or smear when they've set.

The doe-foot applicator is basic, but does the job

The doe-foot applicator is basic, but does the job

The caveats: the colors look quite similar, with only minor variations in tone. Cherry, Pink, and Plum are all red tints; Coral, which I have too but can't find come photography time, is the most different of the four available shades as it is more orange-y red. Pink is the streakiest and least pigmented out of the four, so I won't recommend it. If you have to choose one, go for Cherry! It's the one I pick up the most (not just out of all the Happy Skin tints, but out of ALL the tints I have currently)! Plum is also pretty nice and opaque; it's just slightly deeper and a bit more blue-toned than Cherry.

I have to note that this smells like grape ice candy. It's not the most sophisticated scent out there - I'd still prefer scent-free, if brands can't get a good scent going - but I don't mind that much. These tints also have a slight sweetish-plastic taste BUT it's honestly not that crazy for me. If you're more sensitive though, these two points should make you think.

I haven't tried wearing these tints on my cheeks because, well, they look way too pigmented and feel like they set too quickly to blend properly. I'll update this review when I do get around to it!


Overall, I highly recommend the Happy Skin x Sanrio Kiss-Proof Lip & Cheek Tint if you like lip colors that go on evenly, wear well enough to keep up with your life, and doesn't have any waxy feel. The shades available are a bit similar, but you can not go wrong with either Cherry or Plum as an every day bright-me-up lip color. At P399, these are worth the space in your kit. 

Let me know what you think, as always!

Liz Lanuzo2 Comments