The best and worst makeup looks at the Golden Globes 2017

When it comes to slaying the red carpet, Hollywood celebrities are pros. From selecting perfect dress and the right hair style to match, to sporting flawless skin and shiniest bling, the glitterati are expected to look their best at every awards night. As chance would have it, some stars shine brighter than the rest while others don’t quite hit the mark. We’ve rounded up 10 beauty looks that we made us gasp while watching the 2017 Golden Globe Awards - whether for good reason or bad.

Images via PopSugar

Images via PopSugar

The Polished Princess: Lily Collins

When it comes to rocking a bold lip and flawless skin, Lily Collins served us some real “princess vibes”. Perfectly pairing her scarlet lip with blush-toned eyeshadows and naturally bold brows, she looked like the perfect porcelain doll complete with a subtle blush, contour, and highlight!

Sloppy in the City: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sadly, everyone’s favorite New Yorker would make even her iconic character Carrie cry in utter disbelief. The messy hair braid extensions and intense (and honestly quite scary) smoky eye took away from SJP’s gorgeously structured face, making her look older and washed out. Even the placement of her blush accentuated her wrinkles.

Images via E! Online and PopSugar

Images via E! Online and PopSugar

The Bronzed Goddess: Emily Ratajkowski

Despite a wardrobe malfunction, Emily Ratajkowski looked stunning with the peachy-bronze makeup she paired with the daring yellow gown. The warm tones complimented her natural tan and high cheekbones, and she worked an unusual but flattering orange smoky eye. And we want to know where that coral-tinged nude lippie is from!

We’re Just Not Into This: Drew Barrymore

She may be our favorite funny girl but Drew left us sad with her makeup choice for the night. From the extra heavy lower lashes to the crooked eyeliner job, this makeup look not only aged the beauty, but made it seem like she didn’t even put much effort to her look.

Images via PopSugar

Images via PopSugar

The Sultry Siren: Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra went on full siren mode with a bold lip, glittery lids, and fluttery lashes. Making her pout look full and well-defined made her look younger but still polished and super regal!

Ay Caramba: Sofia Vergara

This is the perfect example of when a beautiful woman meets bad makeup. Sofia Vergara looked less like her glamorous self and more like a high school prom queen with too much blush placed too high on her cheekbones. It’s a shame because the rest of the look is actually fine but her bright pink cheeks make her look like she’s gotten into a face-slapping argument.

Images via E! Online and Glamour UK

Images via E! Online and Glamour UK

The Perfectly Pink: Emma Stone

Not one to veer away from our radar of pure adorable cuteness, Emma Stone looked perfectly peachy with her fresh, dewy and youthful take on a pink palette. The rosy pink lips particularly highlighted her girl-next-door features and gave her that A-List effortless look.

Spot that Highlight: Carrie Underwood

We love us some highlighter but Carrie Underwood is getting some serious flashback from both that and her foundation. Her complexion looks almost ghostly while the overdone highlighter application is bordering on disco ball chic.

Image via E! Online and Glamour UK

Image via E! Online and Glamour UK

The #IWokeUpLikeThis: Naomie Harris

No need for any “Collateral Beauty” here: Naomie Harris looked absolutely gorgeous with some smoked-out liner, huge lashes, and light pink lips. She played safe but she played to her strengths, resulting in a look that seems both natural and effortless.

Cake Face: Karrueche Tran

We’re not entirely sure what look Karrueche Tran was going for but it looks a lot like Cake Face. The 28 year-old beauty had a little too much powder going on that ended up making her look heavily covered up and a bit flat. The eye makeup looks fab though, and would’ve worked well with a bit more bronzer and a more striking lip color choice.

Do you agree with our picks? Which looks would you add to this list?

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