Quick Rave: This P180 peso base coat allows you to peel off your nail polish ASAP

One of my major beauty pet peeves is chipped nail polish. I hate seeing it on people, most of all on myself! There are only a few things more shabby than sporting chipped nails. The whole point of a manicure is to, well, look manicured and tattered nail polish makes the point entirely moot. Either you wear it neatly or you don't.

This is why I rareIy wear nail polish. I keep my hands busy as I wash the dishes and clean after my dogs everyday so only a few formulas can survive my daily chores, and even then for not more than two days. One nail will eventually get chipped first before the others, and it KILLS me because often I only have very little time to deal with it. Either I do a shoddy paint over job or I remove everything and start again. I just get frustrated so I've just given up on nail polish.

Still, I still like wearing nice colors on my nails if only to look at them. I am so happy that Girl Stuff's new nail polish base makes it possible! The Peel-Off Base Coat (P180) allows me to peel off nail polish easily AND cleanly. It's meant to be applied on dry clean nails, then you can proceed with your preferred nail polish color and optional top coat. I was a bit doubtful at first because I thought that even if it could peel the polish off, I would still be left with mess that I need to clean with acetone, but that's not the case at all. The entire layer of polish can be removed in ONE piece.

Here's some photo proof:

So cool right? I was spray painting a water can gold when I got so much of it on my hands and nail polish. But since I had the Girl Stuff base coat, I was able to easily clean up my nails in like three minutes. I'm actually using it again today because I wanted to wear a cute coral pink polish. Now if it chips, I can just peel off and apply the color again as needed. I'm grateful to Girl Stuff for coming out with a great product at such a great price! Just so happy that I can wear nail polish again without even having to deal with nail polish remover (which I dearly dislike the smell of) and re-organizing my day around it.

You can find Girl Stuff in the following locations:

GIRLSTUFF MALL OF ASIA (2nd Floor near cinema) | GIRLSTUFF GLORIETTA  2 (2nd floor, near landmark entrance) | GIRLSTUFF SM MEGAMALL (4th Floor Bridgeway, infront of Dads/Saisaki Buffet) | GIRLSTUFF SM SAN LAZARO (2nd Floor) | GIRLSTUFF Alabang Town Center, Main Mall near Zapote exit, near Mango and Giordano