Getting ready: Trying out a few new things + an easy smoky look

Video is the best way to communicate a large amount of information in the shortest amount of time - plus it's just more fun - so I am constantly thinking of videos I can do for the Project Vanity community. I'm still lost though, as I seem to have this mental block when it comes to making them! I mean if I can only magically create two of me, one to just work on this website and another to just brainstorm and shoot videos, I would. But as it is I shoot only what and when I can!

I've been having better success with videos over at our Instagram @projectvanitycom, so I am exploring that platform as well.

If you could give me suggestions about what to do, I'd love to hear them! It's hard for me to copy others, but on the other hand, I also can't quite figure out what I can offer to you guys that you haven't seen or would like to see. What do you think?

In the meantime, here's my latest upload over at the Project Vanity Beauty Channel. I was preparing for an Olay media event later that evening (was shooting it in the afternoon), so I thought'd it'd be nice to show how I would do my face for an evening engagement. I also tried a few new notable products, like the Guerlain Fall Collection and a couple of things from the Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder line. I also used a MAC Star Trek pigment that is just so beautiful! I hope you enjoy this video, and please please do let me know of any ~constructive~ feedback. Thanks!