Features & Shades Cosmetics: A new look with the same quality we loved

Gone were the days when Filipinas were clueless about makeup. With more access to the Internet and an explosion of content about beauty online, it's now entirely possible for a non-professional to do her makeup like a pro. All one needs is the determination to learn and a commitment to the craft.

Affordable yet good products are more accessible now too, with local brands like FS Cosmetics stepping up their game. It has been around for years but recently it launched a new look and name as Features & Shades! It still boasts of quality cosmetics made in Taiwan but with updated packaging, formula, and all-new products to watch out for.

The Project Vanity team was there at their event last March 8 where we got to know more about the brand, test out products, and even model the FS look. Check out our video for some live action at the Beauty Rendezvous!

FS Cosmetics has an extensive product line. It literally has all our bases covered as they have a Primer, a Two-Way Cake Foundation, Powder Foundation, and Cake Foundation. The brand also has a BB Cream plus a Loose Powder with a built-in brush to set makeup. Celebrity makeup artists are said to favor the Concealer Stick as it can also be used as foundation. It becomes water-resistant when set, plus it’s really affordable at under 400 pesos! You can see the water test in our video which they did in front of everyone at the event. 

For color, FS has a wide selection of Single Eyeshadows which you can put together in a customizable palette. The Powder Blushes are pigmented, coming in shades which are classic and flattering on morena skin.

FS also has an extensive collection of lipsticks. The Luscious Lipstick line features Matte and Creamy finishes in made-for-Pinay shades. The brand also has Nude Lipsticks with a wide enough range to cover different skin tones. The Colorific Lipstick line and True Light Liquid Lipstick have on-trend colors. A beauty bonus: the lipsticks have mirrors built-in on the tube while the True Light Lipstick has a built-in light for application in dim places. Party on, yeah? 

FS Cosmetics has its own mascara and beauty tools as well. The 17 makeup brushes available have a consistent quality feel across the board. The FS Eyelash Curler is a long-time favorite and is said to rival another beauty cult fave. 

Exciting! We can't wait to see what else FS Cosmetics has in their sleeves. Have you used FS Cosmetics before they rebranded? Which products are you looking forward to trying?

You can check where to get Features & Shades Cosmetics at the new website, www.fscosmetics.com.