Free Sample Alert: Now you don't have to try In Her Element Skincare blind

Goodness knows how hard it is to buy makeup online without seeing it in person. Skincare is even more challenging, as just showing swatches and photos isn't enough to demonstrate how the products feel and smell on skin! That's why we thought of providing free samples of In Her Element Skincare. You guys can now try out our samples first if you're not yet sure how they would work for you.

We've got samples of the Nourish & Cleanse Balm and First Wash Cleansing Oil restocked at currently. They are free, but shipping is not, at P40 for Metro Manila and P135 for provincial.

Samples run out pretty fast so get yours before they're OOS! We'll hold your samples for three business days to give others a chance to try them out. Please do kindly note that no matter the quantity you place on your order, we are sending only one sample of each product to your address. It would be really cool if you keep the quantity to one as doing otherwise confuses our inventory tracking.

My plan is to provide samples for every skincare product we release, whenever we have stocks. I can vouch for IHE's clean formulation and meticulous testing (by the PV Team no less), so I hope you guys can support our brand! It's just a few months old and not that many people know about it yet, but I'm giving everything I've got to IHE. 

I'm currently working on more new products soon (hint: we're releasing two this month) so that's something to look forward to. If you've got time, I'd also appreciate it if you can answer this quick survey to help us with our direction. Thank you so much. <3

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