Enjoy on-the-go entertainment with FOX+ and Smart Bro

Our daily lives can get tiring and stressful at times so it’s important for us to find ways to relax and treat ourselves to some leisurely activities. My favorite ways to destress include getting a massage, shopping, reading, and watching a TV series at the end of a long day. But a massage doesn’t always fit in my schedule and I’m nearing makeup hoarder levels to even consider shopping! As much as I love reading, I haven’t gone the full ebook route yet so I was thrilled to learn about the latest mobile streaming app to hit town, FOX+.

FOX+ launched to much fanfare as FOX Networks Group Asia unveiled the app here in the Philippines. If you’re an avid follower of a FOX TV Series, you’d be happy to know that this internet-streaming service allows you to watch the latest episode on the same day it airs in the US! You also get access to Hollywood movies faster after their release on the big screen so you don’t have to join long lines on opening day or miss out on blockbusters if you’re too busy. And if you’re the ultimate sports fan, FOX+ will now be your new mobile go-to as it will stream sports events live, allowing you to watch the play by play instead of relying on Twitter updates.

The FOX+ service is currently available only in the Philippines but it will be available all over the region soon. You can access FOX+ on multiple devices – tablets, smartphones, laptops, so you can make sure that you have your entertainment anywhere and whenever you want it!

FOX+ is currently offering a 30-day free trial to new signups. I’m really excited to try out, also free trial because I travel a lot for work and waste so much time just sitting in traffic. This way, I can keep myself entertained instead of focusing on the stressful situation. It also helps that I can download content for watching offline!

You can check out the app via the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Service is available through SMART, Cignal, and PLDT. For more information, visit http://foxplus.com.

Do you follow any FOX TV Series? What’s your favorite way to destress?