LaserLight Permanent Hair Removal: My Facial Care Centre experience

What is the most skin-changing thing you've ever done for yourself? Mine was laser hair removal. I had my legs and underarms done two years ago, and in six sessions I was able to banish hair growth in those areas.

Aside from lessening the time it takes to groom my skin (I shave only once every two months now), chicken skin doesn't bother me anymore and I don't get irritated having to punish my skin with hair removal products. My legs and pits are considerably smoother compared to before! Laser hair removal was such a game-changer for me and I recommend it to everyone who aims to take body hair out of the equation.

Since I had the laser treatment done two years ago though, some hair eventually grew back. Still very slow but there are patches here and there that I have to shave every so often. That's why when Facial Care Centre invited me to try their LaserLight service, I had to go for it!

Facial Care Centre's newest branch in RCBC Building in The Fort is so luxurious and discreet at the same time. There's a beautiful room facing a stunning view of the fort; it's spacious and relaxing just to sit and stare out of the window.

The LaserLight treatment uses the Soprano machine with diode laser technology to gently remove the hair follicle's ability to produce hair. Sounds painful? It's not. At most it will feel warm, and even if you're sensitive, the attendant can always add more cooling gel to lessen the discomfort.

The procedure takes only about 15-20 minutes for the under arms. The attendant will place a cold gel in your pits, then will quickly rub the laser wand in your skin for about 30 seconds per pass. Depending on how thick and dark your hair is, you can see results in three to four sessions; you should notice slower hair growth after a couple of sessions. 

I like Facial Care Center's LaserLight because I didn't feel a thing. My past laser treatments can feel a bit hot at times, but FCC's is comfortable throughout. I almost dozed off!

If you're ready to invest in permanent hair removal (totally worth it IMHO), give Facial Care Centre a call at 892-SKIN. They have packages and promos that end up cheaper so ask about them. ^_^


This story is brought to you by Facial Care Centre.