Eyebrow stamps: Does this 400-peso kit actually do anything?

The latest beauty curio to come out from China is here, and it involves instant eyebrows. You may have seen the viral video going around on Facebook with women literally stamping on their brows. Fortunately I was able to find a seller and immediately pre-ordered the Shezi Printing Perfect Brows (P350 + P50 shipping)! I thought that even if it didn't perform as promised ("accurate and convenient") it would still be a fun experiment.

But surprise, surprise, it works! The shade I got isn't anywhere near close to my hair nor does the stamp create the brows of my dreams, but for a 3- to 5-second effort, the stamped-on makeup doesn't look too bad. I tried it on other people too and it's nice enough for those who maybe don't want to spend too much time applying their brows everyday. Or learn how to, for that matter.

This time, instead of photos, I decided to do a video showing how these stamps perform. Enjoy watching, and I would love to know what you think!

PS I purchased this from a Facebook seller, in case you're interested in buying. I can't guarantee anything so purchase at your own discretion.