Swatches + FOTD: Emilio De la Morena for Artdeco SS15 Collection

Fresh yet sultry, modern but romantic - that's what the new Emilio de la Morena for Artdeco Cosmetics is all about. This spring-summer collection features bold bursts of color and subtle pastels that contrast beautifully when worn together. Delicate rose, subtle apricot, vibrant pink and pastel mint evoke a mood that's sublimely perfect for the season.

But wait, who is Emilio de la Morena? He is the Creative Director of the fashion brand of the same name, founded in 2005. It combines Spanish craftsmanship with a London aesthetic. De la Morena's vision is to create clothes that flatter every woman and highlight the elegance of the female form. His first collection in 2007 actually won the "New Generation Award" and was purchased for a permanent exhibition as part of the textile museum in Barcelona (Museu Tèxtil i d’Indumentària. 

For Spring 2015 Emilio de la Morena presented his latest fall/winter collection at London Fashion Week. If you can't get hold of the clothes, then his Artdeco collab is the next best thing! Here are my thoughts and swatches on these pieces. ^_^

Let's start with the jewels of the collection: the Blush Couture (P995) and Eyeshadows (P350 per pan) that come in a limited edition compacts designed by de la Morena himself. The blush has three soft luminous shades that deliver a subtle glow. It makes my cheeks look peachy and healthy, but it's not as pigmented as I hoped. On my Asian skin it's more of an illuminator than a blush; on fairer skin, I imagine it shows up more. 

Nonetheless, this blush is still quite pretty! I like to wear it on no-makeup makeup days, or with bright lippies when I don't want my cheeks to stand out.

The Beauty Box Quattro (P475) can fit four eyeshadows and a blush strip from Artdeco. For now I've only got the new eyeshadows - #60 Pearly Milky Mint, #81 Pearly Summer Lilac,  #95A Pearly Soft Pink and in #109 Pearly Snowdrop. The names are pretty descriptive! I find the 60, 95A, and 109 much too pale on my skin tone, but 81 is absolutely gorgeous. It's an electric lilac that makes my eyes stand out when worn around the upper and lower lids.

These eyeshadows need a base to make them pop. Try the Artdeco Eyeshadow Base if you haven't yet! It's an affordable (around ~P500) reliable primer that's great on oily lids.

Here's an FOTD I made with the Blush Couture and #81 eyeshadow. I feel that it looks daring yet still sweet. Pastel makeup is tricky to wear but not when you know how to balance it out with defined features - strong brows, a dark liner and mascara, and a bright lipstick should do it.

Speaking of lipstick, there are four new ones in the collection too (yep it's pretty large). The Art Couture Lipstick (P895) has a shinier, creamier formula while the Perfect Color Lipstick (P650) is more satin and richer in pigment. Both of them wear pretty well at 4-5 hours without eating and drinking.

I've got swatches for three: the Art Couture Lipstick in Cream Soft Pink #268 (left most) is a nice daily color. It's still pastel, not quite MLBB, but it's wearable even on my medium skin. The Perfect Color Lipstick in #91A Soft Pink (middle) is my favorite - it's a gorgeous mid-toned pink that brightens my face instantly! The Perfect Color Lipstick in Strawberry Red #01 looks surprisingly orange-y on my skin tone. It's a great summer red that doesn't bleed and when it fades, it leaves an even stain.

The new collection also has Lip Brilliance Glosses (P795) and a Soft Lip Pencil (P495) for those who are OC about their lips. These come in basic shades that can be worn on top or below your lipstick.

I'm wearing the #81 lip pencil here topped by a sheer gloss. That's always a good combo for days when you don't want to retouch!

So there you have it. ^_^ Do check out the Emilio De la Morena for Artdeco SS15 Collection in your nearest Beauty Bar counter soon! You can also order it from the online store.

Thoughts? Anything calling out your name?