Editor's Picks: Random September faves

It's ironic that we feature so many products and yet, some of them fall through the cracks and may take too long before their moment in the sun. This column aims to give you a preview of what's been working for me of late and why they're good. I didn't want to be careful about curating the list; I just really grabbed whatever is on my table or shelf! Here are six fairly new finds that made my September a winner.

Aveeno Daily Body Lotion and Body Wash. I had resolved to put the new Aveeno body washes and lotions in the "Give To Mom" Pile. I couldn't resist trying them out first though, just in case they were good. THEY'RE GOOD. They have a mild scent and are super hydrating without feeling like they're just sitting on my skin!

It's hard to describe but I feel that my skin is somehow more balanced, healthier even, than it used to be. Is it the marketing? I don't know. I just like how my body skin feels nowadays! 

It's almost like a gel but it delivers rich hydration

It's almost like a gel but it delivers rich hydration

Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief. This is actually my third bottle but I just never felt compelled to use it. It might be the droll green packaging but I was aware that this softener/essence is Origins best-selling product! I finally decided to put it on my face because I found the limited edition printed bottle so pretty - I know, I know, so shallow but there it is. 

ANYWAY now I know why it's so popular worldwide. This smells fantastic - citrusy and refreshing - and evened out my skin tone and texture in just a week.  I like this better than the Original Skin softener!

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. I've never been into white powders because I felt the were too matte and took away from the finish of the foundation instead of enhancing it. Just a personal preference! But I was surprised how nice this Innisfree powder was. It smells great (it has a minty thing going on), sets my makeup beautifully and keeps my face shine free for longer.  I like it so much that I just got the jumbo size from Althea!

Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Highlighter. I'll definitely do an exclusive feature on this but damn, guys, it's gorgeous. It's an almost bronzy highlighter with super fine shimmer and it sticks on my skin well. It will give Becca a run for its money! 

Iope Cushion Blush. This is my first ever blush in cushion format! It's a sheer pink with a pearlescent finish; I pick it up when I want my skin to have a natural flush. It's quite sheer so I usually layer it but I like the way it thins down my makeup and gives back that skin-like glow after layers of product.

Elizabeth Arden Lip Protectant Stick. I love wearing a thin yet nourishing lip balm before matte lipstick, and this one does the job. It has a honey tint to it but it's not that pigmented; I just like it for the moisture boost and how it primes my lips well. Oh and this has SPF15!

So there you go guys, hope you enjoyed my list! Do you have September finds to share as well? 

Liz Lanuzo6 Comments