Three products we love for dry, dull and unmanageable hair

Lazy girl confession: I do not comb my hair at all! I would rather spend my time meticulously drawing on eyebrows or perfecting a cat eye than combing through the chaos that is my hair. It’s hard to imagine such a carefree attitude to come from a girl with flyaway, wiry, frizzy hair but to be honest my locks are the least of my concerns. Besides, aren’t messy tresses the chicest new ‘do?

Surprisingly however, after two weeks of regularly using these babies for review, my perspective on hair and hair care has changed drastically! I’ll definitely be sure to keep at least one in regular circulation!

TRESemme Split Repair Serum

The TRESemme Split Repair serum is part of the TRESemme Split Repair collection that guarantees clean and moisturized hair while ultimately fixing split ends. The Split Repair Serum specifically promises to reduce frizz and 88% of split ends in just three uses – lofty undertakings for sure. So did it fare well and deliver on its promise?            

Immediately after use, my hair became super soft and free of tangles. The serum even tamed flyaways! It also added a bit of a shine to my hair while leaving a nice, fresh scent. The product takes a bit of time to be absorbed by the hair, it does not diminish the awesomeness of this serum. I also like the fact that it comes in a pump bottle for easy dispensing. The only let down for me was that it didn’t really fix my split ends within its three-day promise but overall, this was a really nice product with a pretty great formula for taming my difficult hair.

Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment

The Eva NYC Hungry Oil Treatment is an all-natural concoction that consists of Argan Oil and Keravis Protein.  According to its description, the Oil Treatment promises to “intensely nourish, hydrate and smooth even the most unmanageable hair...the result is healthier hair and a smooth finish to any style.”

To be honest, the Hungry Hair Oil Treament was a struggle to like at first. The packaging is beautiful if you’re into rustic apothecary bottles, and it is such a pretty addition to your vanity. However, it also makes the product a bit challenging to dispense. Because the brown glass bottle has a wide mouth (like a bottle of cough medicine), one must be very careful when pouring out the oil. There is also a strong, distinct smell that some might find a little too overpowering.

Once I got past those nuisances however, I found the product to be really really good! With just a few drops, it transformed my locks into their softest, shiniest and most manageable state! The Hungry Oil Treament is also able to control my flyaways, and makes it seem like I actually both combed and styled my hair.

It’s an awesome product and I now totally understand all the rave reviews I found online! Just be careful not to apply too much, or your hair will be too heavy and oily.

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 BB Crème (10 in 1 Hair Perfector Treatment)

I was excited to try this because its 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner has worked wonders for me and a lot of friends I know. Besides, the word BB cream brings to mind flawless finish and healing properties. BB Crème for your hair? Yes, please!

According to the label, the Pantene Total Damage Care BB Crème has 10 hair health benefits: it "helps prevent split ends, strengthens against breakage, smoothes, moisturizes, shines, [makes hair more] manageable, detangles, controls frizz, protects from heat, and softens”. 

The consistency of the product is thick and creamy. However, unlike typical leave-on conditioners, the Pantene BB crème doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy. The product is completely absorbed by the hair, making it feel soft and manageable. Although it doesn’t tame my flyaways, it does cut down on my drying time and detangles my locks. I can even get my hair to look presentable with just some quick finger combing! The product is also contained in a convenient, easy to use pump bottle, and smells as nice as the TRESemme serum. Though not as potent as the other two, this is also a pretty great product and offers great bang for your buck.

Have you tried serums, oil treatments, or leave-on conditioners in your hair care regimen? Are they part of your regular hair care routine? We'd love to know!