The Weekly Poll: Do you shop online?

Do you shop online? Why?

Everybody shops online now...right? I only truly got into it last year. I enjoy the convenience and the hundreds - even thousands - of options available right at the click of a button. I can just keep on scrolling and something new is bound to come up. I love that I can also shop in US online stores now that there are forwarding services by trusted courier companies!

My purchases arrive on my doorstep fast, too. Two days max is the typical waiting time for local stores, while it's only ten days for US purchases. There's also cash-on-delivery or over-the-counter payments if I don't want to whip out my credit card.

Still, I shop online only once in a while. It's not yet a habit for me. With my busy schedule though it just might become one, in time! These days I don't have even two hours to go to a mall just to randomly try on things; I need to be able to see options as quickly as possible. I know my size and shade fairly well so I'm not too scared to take a chance on a purchase.

How about you, do you shop online? How often? Why