Store Tour + Haul: Here's a look at the new Dior boutique in Mall of Asia

I’ve always been curious about Dior makeup but I’ve never tried any of their products - until recently, when they invited me to explore their newly opened boutique in Mall of Asia. This is right in between the two escalators in the Main Atrium so you can’t miss it! The space is much larger than their old one on the second floor; it’s also more inviting, with a spacious area on the side so you can get immersed in the Dior experience.


The store highlights Dior’s extensive skincare line as well as their famous fragrances like Joy by Dior, J’Adore, and Miss Dior. As someone who’s not that well-versed with the brand’s offerings, I really liked that the counter attendants were very attentive and recommended products according to my needs. They appeared professional and knowledgable during my visit so I was able to maximize my time.

I confess that I spent most of my visit just asking about their makeup. They have so much, apparently! I’m only familiar with the Dior Lip Glow, since I have a friend who loves that stuff and never leaves home without it. I’m happy to report that Dior’s makeup line is quite complete. Aside from their famous lipsticks, mascaras, and foundations, they have blushes, highlighters, nail polish, eyeliners (in so many colors!), eyeshadows, and eyebrow products. They even have ultra-plush brushes for makeup application.

I got to pick up a few things which I hope to review for you soon. I’ve been enjoying the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo for its lightweight stained-lip effect as well as the Dior Forever Undercover liquid foundation. Love the skin-like coverage and wear-time! I also got the Nude Air Powder and Diorshow Mascara. Let’s see if these products live up to their reputation, so stay tuned for my posts on them soon! I just need a little more time to test these.


In the meantime, don’t forget to visit the Dior boutique at the Mall of Asia and you just might find something there that you might love. <3