After 16 years, the D&G Light Blue has new additions to its famous line

Lurking around in Facebook groups as well as the comment sections of PV, I’ve noticed that a common favorite perfume among gals is Dolce&Gabbana’s D&G Light Blue Eau de Toilette. It’s really not hard to see why. D&G Light Blue is a fresh, citrusy fragrance that goes well with the tropical climate we have. The lemon and green apple notes are such a hit among Pinays and all over the world, too! Now, sixteen years after the launch of this cult favorite, Dolce&Gabbana has finally added a new permanent fragrance to the line: D&G Light Blue Eau Intense Eau de Parfum.

The bottle is an improvement from the original. It has been redesigned to look more modern with a smaller cap. Interestingly, the original Light Blue liquid is clear in color. The new Light Blue Eau Intense, however, takes its name quite literally with its light blue juice, reminiscent of the Mediterranean sea.

While the bottle is definitely a step-up, I was eager to test the product itself, and I’m happy to report that I was not disappointed! The moment I sniffed this, I knew that I preferred this over the original. The name proves to be very apt; it is very similar to the original EDT, but more intense and vibrant. The green apple top note is still prominent, but the lemon has been toned down. Longevity is good at around six to seven hours on my skin, and it dries down to a musky scent. The composition of D&G Light Blue Eau Intense is simpler than the original, which might be the reason why the musky dry down is more prominent in this one. 

Accompanying the launch of D&G Light Blue Eau Intense is D&G Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme. This new fragrance is also an addition to the original D&G Light Blue Pour Homme. If your man prefers his scents to be light, then this is one to check out! The citrusy, aquatic fragrance is so clean and fresh that I’d imagine that some women wouldn’t mind rocking this, too.

Overall, these flankers are solid additions that would make their predecessors proud. If you are a fan of the original Light Blue but wished that it had better projection and stayed on longer, then your wish has just been granted.

D&G Light Blue Eau Intense is available for P3,400/25 ml, P5,000/50 ml and P6,600/100 ml.

  • Top notes: lemon, apple
  • Heart notes: marigold, jasmine
  • Base notes: amber, musk

D&G Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme is available for P4,000/50 ml and P5,200/100 ml.

  • Top notes: mandarin, grapefruit
  • Heart notes: juniper, aquatic notes
  • Base notes: amber, musk

I can't think of too many other flankers that I ended up liking even better than the original! So if you've been a long-time fan, I highly recommend getting these to add to your collection as well.

D&G perfumes are available at the beauty section of SM department stores.