K-Beauty Capsule Reviews: How Dewytree skincare fares on my dry skin

The Korean beauty invasion sometimes feels like it came at us out of nowhere, bursting into our wishlists and vanities in a flurry of pop idol images, cute packaging, and GWPs. They've introduced to new makeup techniques like puppy-dog eyeliner, aegyo-sal, and gradient lips but more importantly, I think K-beauty has played a huge role in stirring a revitalized interest in skincare. It's because of them that we now have a concept of "skincaretainment": fruit-shaped packaging, carbonated masks, and the use of unusual ingredients. They make what was once a tedious process into something fun and enjoyable, and the best thing about it is that their products actually work! 

While trying out K-beauty brand Dewytree, I discovered a new thing to thing to experience in my skincare: a range of various textural sensations I’ve never noticed in any of my other products. The brand's philosophy is all about using nature's resources to care for the skin, so they use nature-derived ingredients to create clinically-proven formulations. They also claim that their products have a slightly acidic pH value, so that they match the skin's natural pH more closely and help preserve the acid mantle. I got to try seven of their products so here's my review on each:


Micellar water fans will find a great new option in the Nature Source Pulling Cleansing Water. The gentle makeup remover has a sweet orange scent, and it takes off a full face of non-waterproof makeup in 2 to 3 cotton pads. The result is fresh skin without dryness or stinging, and I found the product to be up-to-standard, in terms of easy makeup removal, with the micellar water selection out in the market.

Facial Wash.jpg

The Clean Healthy Foam (P689) was the first to surprise me with an unusual texture. It looks like soft-set pudding from the tube, and you have to give it a little “squish” with damp hands to help dissolve the facial wash. A fine, flat lather emerges that has sufficient slip on the skin and rinses cleanly without tightness. Note that there is a strong lemongrass-y, citronella-like scent that can be overwhelming for sensitive noses.

Multi Effector.jpg

To give the skincare routine a lightweight boost, the Aqua Collagen Peptide Multi Effector (P1,299) is a runny, watery serum that feels more like a toner in its thinness. It sinks into the skin instantaneously! I notice an immediate smoothening effect without any of the tackiness, so I think this will be pleasant to use under makeup. A single pump is enough to work all over the face but I have to do two half pumps as my bottle pump seems to keep getting stuck at the base when I press down all the way.

Aqua Cream.jpg

The Aqua Collagen Peptide Multi Cream (PHP 999) isn’t all that different from the usual gel moisturizer, except for it being surprisingly nourishing for a light gel formula! It applies without any noticeable tackiness and holds up well against air-conditioning so that I wake up without dry patches the next morning. There is a mild floral cologne scent that I find pleasant.

Snail Cream.jpg

Probably the most fascinating in the bunch, the Ultra Vitalizing Snail Cream (P1,199) goes to great lengths to replicate that slimey snail sensation. Picking up the cream leaves thin trails of goo in its wake so I have to wait a bit for the thin stream to break off before applying as quick movements might cause the trail to fall on the floor. It may sound unappealing but I don't find it unpleasant. I also love that the moisture is rich but lightweight, surviving an air-conditioned room without going greasy.

Peeling Gel.jpg

For a weekly dose of exfoliation, the Nature Source Renew Peeling Gel (P689) is three levels of fascinating. At first, it pumps out as a cloudy gel. Once rubbed onto dry skin, it takes on a fine grittiness similar to sand. After continuing to massage, the grit gives way to the pilling of tiny white “libag” that you can rinse off. Despite the gritty feel, it doesn't feel too abrasive as the grit isn’t too tightly packed. The formula also didn't cause dry patches on my cheeks.

Sheet Mask.JPG

Sheet mask addicts might be a bit surprised with using the Aqua Deep Mask (P139) because the essence actually comes in the form of a soft, runny gel. The formula sits on the face a long time and is still quite wet after 15 minutes of wear. I did experience a very mild stinging on the sides of the nose and the upper lip but nothing alarming. The essence takes a bit of a long time to dry and leaves a highly dewy finish in its wake so I recommend using this at night rather than before makeup to give the essence enough time to gradually be absorbed by the skin.

Face Mask.jpg

Is the texture of your skincare products important to you? Admittedly, my experience with Dewytree made me stop and really take notice of the very sensation of applying and experiencing skincare. The feel of each layer adds something special to my routine, making my routine feel much more relaxing and fun!

You can shop for Dewytree products in BeautyMNL, Zalora, and on Shopee.