This brand gives you trial jars so you can try before you buy

While trendy new products may attract people to a store, getting that up-close and personal testing experience is what leaves a lasting impression for the discerning customer. Clinique expertly combines these two concepts for their latest boutique, located in the new wing of the Rockwell Powerplant Mall. Here's a peek at what's in store!


Brightly lit with the clean, minimalist feel that Clinique counters and boutiques are best known for, the pristine interior highlights the wall-to-wall, top-to-bottom skincare and makeup displays. For makeup, each section is devoted to a specific category, such as base makeup (foundation, powder, concealer), lips/cheeks, and eyes.

Each section is separated by tall mirrors in between for additional functionality, and equipped with disposable applicators to make swatching and testing easier and more hygienic. Yes, that includes disposable lip gloss and mascara wands, as well as clean foundation sponges and face brushes.

Skincare, on the other hand, is displayed according to product line, with emphasis on the bestsellers and what's new. Flat screens with adverts of featured products divide each display while adding a modern touch to the overall aesthetic. Clinique encourages getting a consultation and sampling their skincare, so feel free to approach a beauty assistant for recommendations and even decants! The store generously provides tiny plastic trial jars just for this.

In the center of the boutique is the consultation and makeover table, so you can practice techniques or build a new look. It's also where you can get shade-matched for Clinique's liquid foundations. And if you'd like to do some lighting tests to be sure that you've gotten your shade right, they can also decant a sample for you to take home!

Additional store highlights include the floor-to-ceiling Chubby Stick wall that showcases the range of shades and finishes of the brand's best-selling tinted balm. Meanwhile, the fragrance section by the counter allows your nose to indulge in all sorts of Happy! Drop by the new store soon at Level R1 of the New Wing to get the full experience!

Which part of the store is the most interesting for you? Which Clinique products would you want to try?