I got the cutest flipflops at the Make Your Own Havaianas 2018 event

There was a time in my life where I went for a foot spa sesh every two weeks. It was my refuge during a particularly stressful time and in those sessions, I always felt pampered and relaxed. A staple I had then, aside from the insanely bold polish shades, was a pair of slippers from Brazilian brand, Havaianas.  The soft slippers with a ton of styles and designs to choose from thrilled the picky twenty-something me and I slowly built a small collection flip-flops.

Slippers are more than just a necessity - a well-chosen pair can also showcase your personal style! Havaianas celebrates this with the annual Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH). Here’s a peek at my #MYOH2018 experience!

MYOH 2018.jpg

Welcome to the Wilderness of Joy! This year's theme was all about having good vibes with a commemorative sole that certainly looks fun. The design is "a re-imagined version of the camo pattern with banana leaves against a deep blue background".

MYOH 2018 PR.png

The bold pattern is a good match with the bright colors of the Happy Skin x Havaianas Express Gel Polish Collection. Even if you don't get the commemorative sole, there's still the option to mix and match colorful soles and straps.

MYOH 2018 mix match.jpg

You can also choose your own soles and straps from the Top or Slim styles. They also have this handy wheel where you can pre-select the sole, strap, and pins combo that you’d like to get. It’s a really fun way to visualize your slippers’ final look!

After picking out your design, head over to the main booth where they assemble everything right in front of you. This builds up the excitement as you slowly see your slippers come to life, and I especially enjoy this part because they bring out the pins!

The #MYOH2018 exclusive pins continue to spread happiness that you can use to personalize your slippers. Part of the proceeds of this year's commemorative rainbow pin will go to the Save the Children non-profit organization. There's also a literal good vibes pin, a smiley, a pizza, and a palm tree to name a few. Regular pins cost P100 while the commemorative pin costs P150.

MYOH 2018 pins.jpg

The Make Your Own Havaianas 2018 ran from November 17-25 via their online store and at select venues. At the Shangri-la Plaza venue, they had the bonus of getting your Havaianas Origine pair customized by on-site artists or you can even choose to do it yourself!

MYOH 2018 origine.jpg

I really enjoyed the overall experience and I’m already looking forward to next year’s! Sneak more peeks into the event by using the hashtag #MYOH2018 and stay updated via the Havaianas Philippines Official Facebook page.

Are you a flip-flops fan? Have you tried the Make Your Own Havaianas experience?