For blindingly vivid lips: The Catrice Matt Lip Artist

When the occasion calls for longevity, you’re probably still reaching for your beloved matte lipsticks. The intensely pigmented formula usually offers a vibrant color payoff coupled with a long-lasting effect. Also, a drying matte is a thing of the past as brands are continuously coming out with matte lipstick formulas that won’t dry out your lips, with some even promising to be moisturizing.

Enter today’s product on the reviewing block – the Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6hr Lipsticks (P499 each). I got pretty excited to try these out as we’ve featured the German brand as one of the six drugstore brands to watch out for on your next beauty run. Liz has also raved about their P329 concealer and included the Catrice Prime and Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder in her latest humidity hack. And while I loved the glossy, plump lips I got from the Catrice Volumizing Lip Boosters, when it comes to vivid color, the Matt Lip Artist is the definitive answer.

These are the two shades of the Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6hr Lipsticks I got to try: HibisKiss-Proof and Fashion REDitorial.  (Editor's Note: Omg love the punny names! - Liz)

From left: HibisKiss-Proof and Fashion REDitorial

From left: HibisKiss-Proof and Fashion REDitorial

The swatches show the strong pigmentation you’ll get from the Lip Artists. Each stick glides on easily without dragging, something I didn’t quite expect from a matte lipstick. The pen type form of the lipstick makes it easy to line the lips first before filling them up. This is quite useful as the lipsticks can easily slip past the lip line if you’re not careful. 

HibisKiss-Proof is a cool-toned deep fuchsia that also appears like a toned-down magenta on my lips. The shade is bright and playful; I don’t think I can wear this to work but it will fit in with events, parties, or a girls’ night out! I tend to pat it on with my finger for that lovely stained lip effect so I can use it more during the day.

Fashion REDitorial is a warm-toned brilliant red that suits my medium skin tone with yellow undertones well. It’s a punchy shade of red that can instantly liven up your look. Think: classic winged liner and red lips FOTD. Just swipe it on and you’re good to go!

The Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6Hr Lipsticks have a demi-matte finish that do not leave my lips parched, and I find them even slightly moisturizing. They do transfer though so you may find the blot with tissue and powder over the lips technique quite helpful. These also do not last through a meal. You’d have to either retouch or purse your lips repeatedly for the color to spread as evenly as possible.

Overall, I find these lipsticks do live up to their promise. They do last quite a while without eating, around 4-5 hours on me which is close to their “up to 6 hours” timeline. They also maintain their vivid color throughout while making the matte application easy on the lips. 

Do you love matte lipsticks? Which of these lippie shades would you want to wear?