The Cargo Water Resistant Blush will never give you up or let you down

Blush is typically the first to fade off my face. Granted, the most long-wearing cheek colors I've ever tried stay on for a good five hours already, but that's off the table as soon as I start sweating heavily. I've been ok with that all my life. I've accepted that blush can only stick for so long. But that all changed when I tried the Cargo Water Resistant Blush (P1,250 for 11 grams), which I got when I witnessed the official launch of Cargo Cosmetics in the Philippines. This nostalgic brand from the 90s is now easily accessible to us thanks to Beauty Bar!

But back to the blush. I didn't put much stock to the promise that it's water resistant, but it proved itself the first time I put it on. I tried the shade Bali around 3 PM then played tennis at 7 PM. By 8 PM and after sweating buckets, it's still on my face. It has faded by 30-40% but it survived the workout. It's the most long-wearing, bullet-proof blush I've ever tried! It stays on for a good 7-8 hours with minimal fading when worn in normal conditions (that is I don't sweat too much or wipe my face).

Los Cabos, the shade I have here, delivers a beautiful coral pink flush. Some people have compared it to NARS Orgasm, and I agree that they're similar, except Los Cabos has a peachier tint to it. It has fine golden shimmer (same as Orgasm) which put me off at first but I realize that it makes me look like I have highlighter on too. I'm always up for that extra glow! 

This color was super sheer the first few times I swiped it on my cheeks. However once I kinda scraped off the top layer with my brush after a few uses, it applied properly. This isn't instantly pigmented even so. It's meant to be layered until you get the intensity you want.

Wearing the Cargo Water Resistant Blush in Los Cabos on my cheeks

Wearing the Cargo Water Resistant Blush in Los Cabos on my cheeks

I know that P1,250 sounds steep at first, considering that the blush is packaged in a rather spartan tin can - let's call it as it is - but you do get 11 grams of product inside. That's A LOT! That amount is almost as much as a powder foundation! For example, MAC powder foundations clock in at 12 grams, while Shiseido's are 10 grams. Most blushes average at 5 grams and 7 grams if they're generous. Eleven full grams of product will literally take even the most heavy makeup user forever to finish so I'd say it's worth the price.

The thing is, I think I will actually finish this blush. Los Cabos is gorgeous and it makes my skin look amazing plus the staying power is just, wow. The color is versatile, too, since it doesn't look too bright or summery even though it's a coral. It looks natural and works with many of my current roster of lipsticks. ^_^ I'm thinking of getting the Matte Bronzer so I can have long-wearing contour as well! Just need to swatch it first to see if it's appropriate for that purpose.

ANYWAY. All I'm saying is that you should give the Cargo Water Resistant Blush a try if you're oily and/or sweaty, or just really need a blush you don't have to retouch throughout the day. I highly recommend it to just about anyone who appreciates a great cheek product! 

Thoughts? What's the most long-wearing blush in your stash?

Cargo Cosmetics is exclusively available inside Beauty Bar boutiques. You can also purchase at Beauty Bar's online store.