Three OTHER ways to use your favorite brown lipsticks

The 90’s brown lipstick trend made a mean comeback this year. From drugstore brands to luxury makeup lines, basically everyone had their own take on this yummy chocolate shade. Browns are in, and we don’t think they’re going away anytime soon! But if like us you find yourself with one too many brown lippies, you don’t have to confine yourself to just swiping them on your lips. Here are three other uses to maximize your brown lipsticks!


Lipsticks are simply molded pigments. That said, you can practically use most lipstick formulas to act like your normal cream products! You can transform a brown lipstick with a cool or neutral undertone to work as a contour product. Simply swipe or dot on along where the areas of the face where you need a little sculpting magic, and blend away! If you’re working with a liquid lipstick, I find that mixing it in a bit of foundation helps to improve the blendability. You can also customize your perfect contour shade in this way, too!


My lipstick collection is about 50% earth-toned pinks. I’m all about these rosy MLBB shades, which also happen to work well as nice blush colors! While Marielle who is fairer than me can use it as a contour stick, the Pink Sugar x Project Vanity Lip Crayon in Love at First Swipe has got to be my favorite lipstick blush. This peachy cocoa shade gives me the most natural-looking flush, which lasts up to eight hours on my cheeks!

Eyeshadow Base

If you’ve been looking for an eyeshadow base that can both extend your dark shadows’ wear time and pigmentation, look no further than a brown lipstick. See how much richer the intensity of these metallic shadows are over a brown lipstick base in my swatch! No need to foil your eyeshadows to increase their vibrancy or purchase a separate eyeshadow primer. I also find that using a lipstick as my eyeshadow base increases the longevity of my eye look and helps control fall out. With a flat brush, simply coat your lids with brown lipstick until you reach the crease. The tackiness of the lipstick makes shadow adhere to your eyes flawlessly for that budge-proof smokey eye! We recommend using long-wearing matte lippies for this technique.

Do you love brown lipsticks? Have you considered using them for other parts of your face? Which of these tips will you be trying?