Broadcast Beauty: A TV news reporter’s secrets to looking great on cam

We salute female news anchors for their poise and bravery in reporting amidst the current political landscape. We admire the endless amounts of grit and hard work they showed as they climbed up in the industry, and remain a trusted voice heard by millions around the country! Now, being the beauty nerds that we are at PV, we've always wondered about how newswomen manage to look great while on camera. We talked to Patricia Ann “Trish” Roque, a News5 correspondent and Aksyon News Alert anchor, about her secrets to looking presentable whether she is under the harsh studio lights or out on the field. Get ready to take notes!

Do you do your own makeup, or do you have a makeup artist do it for you?

For my newsbreak anchor duties, I have a makeup artist do my makeup. But I do my own when I report on the field or when the makeup artist is not able to make it to the studio for our newsbreak schedule. So I have to be prepared all the time!

What’s a normal day at work like for you?

For my news anchor duties, I wake up at 7AM and get to the office at around 9AM. I get my hair and makeup done by the makeup artist before we air at around 10AM.

For my regular reporter duties, I wake up at 4:30AM to avoid traffic. I arrive in the office at around 7AM, then leave for my coverage by 8AM. I do my makeup in the crewcab while on the way to the location. I just put simple makeup on – powder, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick – for my everyday coverage look. If I have to go live later in the day, that’s when I apply a full face of makeup. When I get home, I wash my face with facial wash and put on moisturizer.

Describe your skincare and makeup routine when prepping for a broadcast.

My skin is not that sensitive so I can usually use most products. Most makeup artists and anchors prefer MAC foundation because of the finish looks good onscreen. I don’t have a particular skincare or makeup routine before broadcast but I make sure to cleanse and hydrate my face first before applying makeup.

How is broadcast makeup different from the usual everyday makeup?

Broadcast makeup looks simple and basic on TV, but it’s very different from everyday makeup. If you do everyday makeup for TV, it will look really pale or as if you don't have any makeup at all. Broadcast makeup is a bit darker, and requires more highlighting and contouring than everyday makeup.

I have to look sharp and professional with my makeup. No shimmer, nothing fancy, just clean and simple makeup that will emphasize my features and make me look presentable while delivering the news.

Getting the makeup right is definitely a challenge. I always have to check my makeup on our preview monitor before going on air. Studio lighting is very different from normal lighting so you may think you have the right amount of makeup on, but once you step in the studio, the lighting can wash out your makeup. You also shouldn’t put on too much because this might distract the viewers. The focus should be on the news item you are delivering and not on you. So make sure to do my makeup in a well-lit place as it helps me get the right blend.

Do you have a preferred style of makeup you like to do for broadcast? What facial features do you usually emphasize?

I have no particular makeup style for my broadcast makeup. I just keep it clean, simple and professional-looking. I like neutrals, shades of brown, to emphasize my eyes. When you’re on TV, the eyes are your connection to the camera and the viewer. I always put on false eyelashes to give just the right amount of emphasis!

What are your must-do steps when doing broadcast makeup?

I apply concealer or liquid foundation as base before applying powder foundation. This will help keep the makeup stay on longer, even with minimal touch ups. I also have to contour my face and nose line well. On TV, you tend to look as if you are ten times bigger, so you have to emphasize and highlight your face well through contouring.

What are your makeup and skincare picks/must-haves?

Naturactor is a really good concealer for dark spots, pimples or blemishes. As an alternative for MAC (which is quite pricey), I use FS Cosmetics Powder Foundation in Chino. It has a nice finish comparable to the more expensive and imported brands! For contour, I recommend Happy Skin’s Feeling Sculptacular Contour Kit or FS Cosmetics Powder Foundation in Rajah. For my eyebrows, I use K-Palette ‘s Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Pen.

What’s the best lesson you learned with regards to broadcast makeup?

I didn’t know how to put on makeup before I started working on television. I learned by observing makeup artists and asking questions. I learned that not all makeup styles are suitable for one’s face. It may look good for another person but may not look good on you because of your different facial features! I learned by practicing over and over and doing my makeup more often. The best lesson I learned is to keep things fresh and simple, and not to overdo your makeup. Emphasize your features but keep it natural and clean.

Have you ever experienced having to do your makeup for TV before? What are your tricks for keeping your features from getting washed out?