On a budget? Blackwater scents are kind to your wallet

When you have the perfect outfit, flawlessly-applied makeup, and the right accessories to match, all you need is a fragrance for the finishing touch! Aside from making you smell good, scents are also a means of self-expression. It can enhance your mood and help you to create the right impression. Thankfully, those who don’t want to spend a whole lot of money for a scent will find that there are good options in Blackwater Fragrances.


Distributed by Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Blackwater is best known for its classic body sprays for men. But did you know that it also has a wide array of scent choices for women? There are fresh scents that are great for everyday use, deep scents that are bolder that can transition from day to night, and intense scents that would be perfect to wear for special occasions.

Blackwater carries several lines of fragrances so everyone will surely find a favorite. For the dainty, floral lovers like me, Flora is a line of four scents for casual, everyday use that will leave you smelling fresh. For those who want to go beyond the usual fruity-florals, Activ has four scents that are bolder, more modern yet still very feminine. There is also a line of six deo sprays to keep the underarms and the body protected from odor-causing bacteria, thanks to its anti-bacterial formula. A popular choice in the line is Desire, a fresh, baby powder scent.

The star line among these, however, is Fame. This line only has two scents to simplify your choice between both easy-to-love fragrances. They couldn’t be more contrasting from each other, though. Clarity is a sparkling fresh floral scent with notes of jasmine and other pink florals. It smells so clean that it would be great for everyday! On the hand, Glamorous is a deeper scent with mild vanilla and musk. The combination results in a sweet but sexy scent for date nights with your significant other or for special occasions.

For those looking for extra oomph and staying power, then Blackwater Gold for Women Eau de Toilette is the answer. A blend of rose, violet flowers, citrus, berries, and sandalwood, this floral with a hint of woody fragrance is not a teenage scent at all. It’s sophisticated yet still wearable for everyday. It also looks luxe with its slim glass bottle and magnetic closure for a very affordable price of P250.

Blackwater is available in most groceries, department store beauty sections, and at Watsons stores with prices starting at P120. With all these affordable options, there’s no reason to not smell great!

What are your favorite body sprays?