Beauty News Roundup: Color-changing highlighters, jelly sponges, and the Kylie Palette

Hooray for Saturday! With all the updates and upgrades, the beauty world is always buzzing with news and reviews on the latest hot new trend. It can sometimes be a bit too much and a little overwhelming, so what better way to get the low down on what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s trending with a little Beauty Roundup?

Prepare yourselves for one of the biggest buyouts in the beauty world, Kylie Jenner’s beauty empire expansion, how to glow like a Unicorn, oil slick lips, the secret to perfect looking skin, and a gel beauty sponge!

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L'Oreal buys It Cosmetics for $1.2 billion

The competition is tough in the beauty world, where brands constantly have to outdo each other to secure their spots in our vanities. So when a major corporation buys out another, beauty junkies should sit up and pay attention.

Crowd favorite and cult product producer It Cosmetics is the latest brand to be absorbed by L'Oreal Cosmetics. Known for their Your Skin But Better CC Cream and Bye Bye Foundation, It Cosmetics made a name for itself as a brand that not only looked good on the skin, but was good for the skin. Owner Jamie Lima, who founded the company in 2008, wanted to create a line of beauty products that gave the most natural but flawless coverage, especially for those suffering from hyper pigmentation. Earning over $182 million dollars last year, It Cosmetics is proving to be a force to reckon with. And now with L'Oreal in the picture, it looks like things can only get better and bigger.

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Image via Kylie Cosmetics

Image via Kylie Cosmetics

All hail, King Kylie!

While most 18 year olds are usually busy with college (and all the fun extracurricular activities), Kylie Jenner is focused on building and growing her brand. The reality star turned businesswoman has just expanded her beauty empire with, get this, a new eyeshadow palette!

Ever wondered what Kylie has been using on her eyes for luscious orange and brown shades these past couple of months? The Bronzed KyShadow Palette is a dreamy, neutral palette featuring nine shades of buttery goodness in fairly large sized pans. Her favorite shade is an orange shadow called Citrine, which supposedly enhances the effect of the other eight shades.

With its first sale yesterday, the palettes were limited to one per person but still sold out in one minute, causing an immediate restock within the week. Retailing at $42 dollars, KyShadow isn’t exactly drugstore price but is much cheaper than higher end palettes. Kylie is set to release two more palettes by the end of 2016, and we are now another step closer to looking more Kardashian-esque!

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The highlight(er) of the week

Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for their amazing brow pomades, pigmented liquid lipsticks, and coveted contour kits. This time, the brand brings out two new palettes that can only have been spun from our dreams! It's just not possible to look at the Sweets Illuminator Kit and the Moonchild Glow Kit and not throw money at 'em.

The Sweets Kit features four candy-like shades that change in color as the light hits them, giving a fun new dimension to highlighting. The icy blues and shimmery purples of Moonchild Glow take a sharp detour from the usual champagne tones; highlighter doesn't always have to be warm and flushed, after all! The palettes retail for $40 dollars each, and we're doing our best to stop from pulling out our credits cards to get both.

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Another Instagram beauty trend: Oil slick lips

For the past couple of months, people have been dyeing, chopping, and styling their hair in all sorts of crazy, bold styles. Well, it looks like that ship has sailed, moved on to the lips, and (literally) left its mark there! Oil slick lips are the latest beauty trend to hit our IG feeds and makeup artists are going crazy for. Bold, neon and metallic lip products are all used together to mimic the admittedly pretty effect on an oil spill. Whether you think it's a yay or a nay, we can all agree that it's better to have this on our faces than in our seas.

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Image via R é Vive

Image via RéVive

Oil that you want

We all try our best to look dewy and not oily, so applying it on seems pretty counter intuitive. Face oils make for great moisturizers though, and it's evolving to become skincare and makeup rolled into one oily, fantastic product! RéVive’s Le Tint is the newest product to be launched by the plastic surgeon-developed skin care line, and the first of its kind. Combining special bio-engineered ingredients to smoothen, moisturize and soften the skin, as well as fading and lightening hyperpigmentation. The tint helps to blur imperfections and even out skin tone, making this product akin to a tinted moisturizer with super powers. It costs a steep $105 dollars a bottle but if you're interested, you'll have some time to save up for this wonder product as it will officially be released in September.

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Getting gel-y with it!

Beauty sponges of every shape and type have taken the world by storm, allowing us to pat our base and blend our concealer to a skin-like finish. With their cute colors and bouncy texture, one would think that they were the most perfect tool ever made. Japan, however, is obsessed with finding even better ways to do things. So they did.

The gel sponge, created by Japanese beauty house IPSA, is the latest beauty tool to take the country by storm! Mainly used for liquid foundation and bases, this sponge is perfect for patting on your makeup after slapping on your moisturizer. Its finish allows even those with flaky, dry skin to achieve the smooth, airbrushed texture. Extra plus points go to not absorbing product, not being prone to stains, and being super easy to clean up (simply wipe off and you're done)! The sponges are not for sale though (yet), as they're actually part of a promotional offer. It's a pretty genius idea, and we can't wait to see some tutorials that demonstrate how it works!

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