Beauty News Roundup: Super cheap luxe brushes, clay pot lip tints, and Star Trek makeup

With all the updates and upgrades, the beauty world is always buzzing with news and reviews on the latest hot new trend. It can sometimes be a bit too much and a little overwhelming, so what better way to get the low down on what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s trending with a little Beauty Roundup?

We're feeling nostalgic for our childhoods with a new Sailor Moon makeup release, baffled by a clay pot you can use for your lips, and lemming for the best new budget brushes!

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Relive your favorite childhood cartoon with Sailor Moon glosses

Remember when all you wanted to do was don that signature blue and white uniform and throw your hair up in pigtails? You can do your share of being a champion for good while keeping lips in top shape with Sailor Moon Romance Communicator Lip Glosses!

The adorably-packaged pigmented goodness is the latest addition by Premium Bandai, following the success of the anime-inspired eyeliner and face powder release. There are five gloss tint options for each of the Sailor Soldiers, and you can strap on the compact with an accompanying wristband to make toting around so much easier (and cosplay-worthy). You can already pre-order the entire set (about $62) and expect your shipment by September!

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Beauty in your pottery

The latest (or should we say oldest?) discovery in the beauty world is a clay pot that you can use as a lip stain. Called "Aker" or "Aker Fassi", this North African beauty hack makes use of the natural dyes in a pot made from red ochre terracotta that's been blended with powdered rose petals, or poppy and wax. Mixed with oil or water, the powder turns into a bright red cheek and lip stain that provides the perfect natural flush. 

This currently retails at about £8 and so many beauty lovers have been going gaga for it. We can't help but wonder how good this weighty addition to a kikay kit might be!

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The best (and prettiest) budget brushes

The best makeup isn't always the ones with the highest price tags, and the same can be said of makeup brushes. Finding a brush that is vegan, cruelty-free, insanely soft, and beautiful to photograph is definitely possible even for gals with a limited budget! e.l.f.has revolutionized luxe, quality brushes with the introduction of a new collection featuring picks that are only $5-$12 each!

The 9-piece "Beautifully Precise" line includes a powder brush, airbrush blender, airbrush stipple, sculpting brush, eye shadow brush, smoky smudge brush, dual-sided eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush, and the most interesting one in the collection: the Multi-Blender Massager. It sort of looks like a paint brush but it's perfect for blending in foundation, powder or blush with its curved bristles. The silver and clear acrylic handles look absolutely gorgeous, too!

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Highlight your geekiness

Take your makeup to the next universe with the latest collection care of MAC Cosmetics! Known for their crazy and fun collaborations, MAC has announced the Galacticly Great Star Trek Collection in honor of the 50th anniversary of the pop culture phenomenon. It includes 25 new pieces ranging from nail polish to face powders, lip glass to lipsticks, and even eyeliners and eye shadows! 

With quirky names, crazy shades, and all around sparkle, the collection honors and celebrates the amazing female characters of the Star Trek universe. Watch out for its official release on September 1!

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Falsies that'll set your heart a-flutter

They say that the eyes are the windows to our soul, so what better way to emphasize them than with a flirty fringe? Sephora teamed up with lash genius House of Lashes to create a limited-edition collection of falsies! The three designs are named Everlasting, Timeless, and Seductress - and will cost you $14 dollars each. These lashes are exclusively sold at Sephora.

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Oil you need for dry lips

Have you ever gotten super dry and chapped lips that even your favorite lip balm couldn't help? Instagram beauty gurus swear by facial oils! We've spotted quite a few videos demonstrating just how powerfully potent they are at imparting much needed moisture so our lip colors glide on like butter. Check out our list of the best facial oils if you wanna give this a try!

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