All P600 or under: This is the battle of the brow powders

When it comes to makeup, it seems like every Filipino beauty fan is obsessed with having perfect arches. It takes some practice even to do easy, breezy brows and it can be overwhelming to have so many types of brow products to choose from. If you’re just starting out, brow powders are one of the easiest eyebrow formulations to master! It’s a good pick for any kind of brow, and you can find budget-friendly options for under P600 and under P500.

Want to know which one works best? We decided to try four brow palettes and put them to the test. Here are the contenders.

H&M Eyebrow Kit in Chocolate (~P600 in H&M stores)

This brow kit contains two brown powders and a clear wax in a mirrored case. There is a blond shade option and a more medium brown option, which you may use separately depending on hair color, or apply as a gradient for a more full dimension brow look. The powders feel silky to the touch though there’s a tad bit of fallout. The wax is firm yet stays wet, which really helps groom my fine and thin brow strands.

These brows stayed about 6 hours on me. I liked this color profile the best. The differences in the browns were apparent, but there was enough black in them to appear hair-like. For most of the other powders, the colors seemed too vibrant and unrealistic for hair.

Revlon Colorstay Brow Kit in Soft Brown (P625 at department stores)

This brow kit contains one medium brown powder, a clear wax, a double-ended brush, and the cutest mini spoolie on this earth. The wax pats dry and may be a more comfortable option than the H&M wax for oilier skinned folks. The brow powder is creamy, though a little too pigmented for my taste. And while I’m a fan of a little bit of shimmer as it mimics the shine of skin underneath brows, this brow powder’s glitters were too clunky to pass off as skin-like shine.

These brows lasted about 4 hours on me, when I started to oil up. I think this will fade even faster on those with combination and oily skin. Even more disappointing, the shimmers really bothered me and I couldn’t wait to wash my brows off.

In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Color in Eyebrowns (P399 at department stores)

This kit has three powders pressed in one pan: a blond, a reddish brown, and a grayish brown. I think it’s pretty useful especially for people who often change their hair colors, or those who just feel like using different colors to express different brow moods everyday. Liz raved about this kit a long time ago, and I would have to co-sign that. This brow kit has the silkiest powders of the lot!

These brows lasted about 10 hours on me, which is pretty surprising for a product that isn’t exactly a pigment powerhouse. I love the translucency of the colors, though my sparse brows find it hard to live with this product alone.

Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Eyebrow Kit in Perfect Taupe (P399 at department stores)

This is probably the most pigmented kit in the bunch, though Liz found the coverage light in her review. We both agree, though, that it’s a very versatile brow kit! Featuring ash blond, light chocolate brown, and medium brown powders PLUS a colored wax, this kit can take you from casual soft brows to on-fleek arches.

These brows lasted about 6 hours on me, which is pretty fair. The colors aren’t exactly doing it for me though as they lean red.

Verdict: It’s pretty hard to declare a clear-cut winner as it seems to be a toss-up between three contenders. Everyone seems to be on a pretty level playing field and it’s left up to taste, except for Revlon Colorstay which really didn’t cut it for me. If I had to choose, I’d go with the H&M Eyebrow Powder and Wax for its superior color formulation, even application, and decent weartime.

Have you tried any of these brow powders? Did any of these contenders catch your eye? Let us know in the comments!