Dress for the holidays with the Barbie Loves Plains & Prints Collection!

Are you ready to get all dolled up for the slew of parties and reunions you scheduled this season? Extra special touches to our hair, makeup, and clothes get us in the right mood to party, plus knowing that we look fab helps us brush off those rude "tumaba ka" comments that people make. If only we could all dress like Barbie, right? Well, thanks to Plains & Prints, now we can!

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The Barbie Loves Plains and Prints collection is the latest collaboration between the proudly-Filipino fashion label and Mattel. Ten Barbie dolls from different eras were used as inspiration for the collection: Teenage Fashion Model Barbie (1959), Parisienne Barbie (1959), All That Jazz Barbie (1968), Winter Concert Barbie (2002), Chinoiserie Red Barbie (2004), Mod Redux Barbie (2004), Ballet Wishes Barbie (2013), Blush Beauty Barbie (2015), Party Perfect Barbie (2016), and Soda Shop Barbie (2016). If you grew up with the iconic haired doll like we did, this collection is certainly one to look forward to!

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Plains and Prints brand ambassador Anne Curtis shared that she was also feeling nostalgic because of the collab: "I’ve loved Barbie since I was a child and I remember how I used to say that I just want to be like her. I’m glad that this collection allows me to relive that dream as a grown-up woman!" She wore the Soda Pop dress at the launch event in Megamall with the signature Barbie pink pout and hairstyle.

Since the pieces are designed with the holidays and special occasions in mind, we paired them up with activity ideas for when to wear the pieces!

Daytime Drive

The Ber months are perfect for quick road trips with friends and loved ones. Dress to chill with Mod Redux (left, P2,198) or Chinoiserie (right, P2,598).

Fab with the Fam

Be ready for that yearly family reunion. Pink it up with Blush Beauty (left, P2,298) or go graphic with Teenage Fashion Model (right, P2,198).

The Holi-Date

Amp up the love vibes with Party Perfect (left, P2,498). Or if you’re going glam, Winter Concert (right, P2,298) is for you.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Whether you’re going out for brunch or a night out, Ballet Wishes (left, P2,598) and Parisienne (right, P2,798) gives all the right vibes.

Company Cheers

All That Jazz (left, P2,198) is polished and pretty while Soda Shop (right, P2,598) shows everyone your fun side!

Plains and Prints also has a special promo where you can get Limited Edition Barbie Dolls wearing pieces from the collection. You can read up on the complete mechanics here.

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The Barbie Loves Plains and Prints collection arrives in stores on November 7 but you can shop earlier at their Exclusive Online Preview Shopping Event on Amazon this November 2 to 5. Stay updated by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Did you ever wish you could wear your Barbie's clothes? Which of these styles would you want to sport for your holiday look?