Ask Liz Episode 2: Foundation and blush tips, makeup pet peeves and more

Welcome to another Ask Liz episode! It's a busy Saturday for me - I'm off to do a private watercolor workshop for a bridal shower, then I'm giving a business talk for women entrepreneurs right after. Whew. But I'm excited to do both, especially the later event as it's my first time to do anything like it after setting up my company.

Hope your Saturday has many exciting things for you too. <3 Come check out this video and please please don't forget to subscribe to the Project Vanity Beauty Channel on YouTube.

The best question in Episode three will win an Antipodes skincare duo, a Sleek Makeup lipstick, and a Pop Beauty tinted balm. Congratulations to Carmela for winning the last - please email your address! Good luck, and keep those fun question coming!