Editor's Pick: My absolute favorite perfume right now

My absolute favorite perfume right now is the Aerin Gardenia Rattan. I never knew I loved the delightful smell of gardenias nor the honesty of rattan, but they're seemingly made for each other in this Aerin masterpiece. It was meant to capture the perfect summer's day in a bottle and I think it did a really good job! I have dozens of scents in my closet right now, but I am addicted to Gardenia Rattan because it puts me in such a good mood.

The flacon is sublimely perfect. It has a rectangular shape with molded corners and a cap that features an irregular stone. It's a thing of beauty, a desk or dresser accessory as much as it is perfume.

1708 Aerin re-render-3.jpg

Aerin is the namesake brand of Estee Lauder's granddaughter. Suffused with her impeccable style and taste, the brand features gorgeous prints and fine-crafted details on the packaging. The products are inspired by Aerin's travels and passion for design, fashion, and art and. It's not as popular as Estee Lauder's other brands, but those in the know know why Aerin is the brand to watch.

Aerin recommends to layer mismatched Eau De Parfums and Body Creams. They're designed to create a more complex, richer scent profile while lasting better throughout the day! One of their recommended pairings is the Mediterranean Honeysuckle Body Cream, topped with the Gardenia Rattan. I agree: the tart freshness of the lotion is the perfect base to the sweeter, brighter perfume.

1708 Aerin re-render-1.jpg

Lucky for us, they just launched their first location in Southeast Asia here in the Philippines. They're currently carrying the Eau De Parfums, Body Creams, and Rollerballs in Rustan's Makati, inside Estee Lauder's space. More counters are opening up soon! We'll keep you updated as Aerin blooms here in the PH.

Have you tried Aerin products before? What's your current top scent?

*Prices to be updated soon

Photography by Samantha Gonzales