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My name is Liz and I blog as a hobby. I like all things bright and beautiful!

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Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo with Conditioner

I first "discovered" this product in my Mom's bathroom. When I visit her every weekend, I had no choice but to use the shampoo/conditioner that she uses, which is how I got to try this. Verdict? I absolutely love it! I've been using it for a month now and my hair definitely looks healthier, softer, with less hairfall. Moms know best, in the end.

What I adore about the product

  • Keeps my hair soft and moisturized. I don't use conditioner anymore.
  • Safe for colored hair
  • Smells nice
  • Has a creamy texture. I don't need much to get a good lather.

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Always go back to the basics

When I hung this Warehouse blazer in my closet, I came to a mildly amusing realization: I already have four black blazers in my closet! They're in different designs and I do wear them all the time. There's nothing like a great-fitting black blazer to spruce up plain outfits in a jiffy.

The original price of the blazer was P3,445, but since it was at 50% off, I only spent around P1,700. Cool right? I love the structured panels - I haven't seen something quite like it before. It's a great addition to my black blazer collection! There are so many beautiful clothes in Warehouse, like this dress. It's only worth shopping there though when they're on sale. 

Nyx Round Lipstick in Electra. I should wear this more often no?

You can visit the Warehouse in Robinson's Galleria.


Robinson's Starmills Pampanga, an outlet store haven

Does a 50% or 70% sale sign get your heart rate up? If the answer is yes, you need to visit Robinson's Starmills in Pampanga. The mall claims to have the biggest collection of outlet stores in one roof, with big brands like Levi's, Mango, Plains & Prints, and Havaianas on a year-round major sale. If you're intimidated about going to Pampanga, don't worry, Starmills is just along NLEX and only an hour away from Manila. You can't miss the big mall complex along the road.


photo credit

So, I'm sure you're wondering about the great finds in Starmills. I took a ton of photos to show you, plus price information as I remember them. Overall, I think that if you like buying from the brands mentioned here, a trip out of town is worth it. Just one downside - the sale items are from last season's stock and could even be older than a year. There are also limited sizes available. Well, they're on sale for a reason.

I don't know much about American Rag as a brand, but what they sell in their outlet store are mostly basics like tees and jeans. They have a few unique items, too. They also carry some Terranova and Calliope clothes.

Cute, staple miniskirts for only P400

A khaki beaded jacket. P1,200 if I remember correctly

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Jeans n' heels

I'm supposed to blog about the Robinson's Starmills outlet stores today, but our Internet connection is down (curses to PLDT) and the WiFi I'm leeching from is unstable. Sigh. Here's a quick outfit post on what I wore that day. Photo from Ms Annalyn

Thrifted velvet jacket/ Uniqlo polo/ Levi's jeans (love!)/ Nine West heels/ LuLu bag

Actually I was wearing ultra-comfy Sebago boat shoes since I knew we'd be walking a lot. I also wore practical clothes since I knew it would be raining - and it majorly poured while we were on the road! Anyway, this photo was snapped while I was fitting the new shoes. What do you think? I think skinny jeans look perfect with dainty heels. The contrast of tough and feminine is quite interesting.

With Sebagos

PS I swear my tummy isn't that big. My polo is loose! Excuses lol.


What's in my bag?

A couple of readers have asked me about the stuff I keep in my bag and makeup kit. I was at first hesitant to answer because - and this may come as a surprise - I don't bring a makeup kit! The things I bring outside are usually just the basics. I don't like being bothered to re-apply makeup (unless it's lipstick) so I make sure that I only wear reliable and long-lasting ones before I leave.

On a normal day, this is what I have in my bag!

A light, compact umbrella. I don't leave home without this! I don't like getting caught in a sudden downpour and then scurrying like an insect for cover. Everyone should bring an umbrella all the time.

Keys. Very mundane. The key chain is from Havaianas, I got a lot of this stuff a few months back. I just gave them away.

Faux ostrich wallet from Bijoux. This wallet is huuuge! I think it qualifies as a clutch already. Aside from money, it carries receipts, IDs, ATM cards, gift certificates plus other random junk I feel I shouldn't lose. In other words, it's full of junk lol.

32 gig iPod Touch. A good chunk of my life is spent on the Internet, which is why this gadget is indispensable to me. I use this for surfing the net, checking my five mail inboxes, Twittering, media stuff, games, chatting, setting up schedules and notes etc. WiFi isn't usually a problem because there's a lot of places to get it free from!

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Revlon Photo Ready Powder

Are you a certified camera whore? Do you take pics of yourself in so many angles while trying to find the perfect lighting conditions? If so, you may need the Revlon Photo Ready Powder to help you along.

Light/medium looks dark in the pan, but applies light

This face powder promises to give your face a flawless finish under any light. Does it? The answer is yes, surprisingly. I've mentioned before that I'm not a huge believer when it comes to products that promise superlative results. The Photo Ready, however, delivers - with a few caveats.

What I like about this product

  • As promised, I get a flawless, even finish. This doesn't have much coverage, since it's designed to be a finishing slash anti-shine powder so it is best used on top of concealer and foundation. The end result is a matte face with a slight glow. Let me show you:

Dim indoor lighting

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Nurture Nature

I'm lucky to currently live in a place where there's a lot of trees, plants, and space. I used to live in Makati, up until a couple of months ago when I moved into this condo at The Fort. Makati is pulsing with energy and the gears of business, but it's also cramped and almost entirely built out of concrete. The Fort, on the other hand, has a more leisurely feel to it, with an equal mix of greenery and cement. At first I didn't like it here, but I got used to it and now I can't think of living anywhere else!

Anyways. Nature is a good thing to have around us, but unless you're living or working near it, you'll be hard-pressed to commune with it. That is, until Rexona came up with a simple idea of bringing nature to you via the Internet.

Just this week the brand launched Nurture Nature, a Facebook app where you can watch a live garden in real time grow by giving commands to the cute gardeners. It's in line with their latest product called Rexona Naturals Antiperspirants, a supposedly more natural way to take care of your 'pits. It has sunflower seed oil and should not block your pores, thus allowing your skin breathe. I haven't used the products yet because quite frankly I don't need or use antiperspirants (I'm not a sweaty person), but I'll review when I get around to it!

In the meantime, check out the Rexona Facebook app. It's a stress-buster while you remotely take care of all those plants, but aside from that, you can get to ogle the gwapo and super hyper gardeners!

I don't know who this guy is, but damn does he move around a lot!

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Something cool from Havaianas

When I got this, there were question marks popping over my head. What is it? Is it a card holder? A purse? A pocket mirror?

I loooove the cool turquoise color. It looks sky blue in the photo, but for some reason my camera won't pick up its real color. The case snaps open with the press of a button to reveal...

A grooming kit!

Don't you think it's neat? Lol. Everything looks so orderly and shiny. I don't actually want to use this for fear of disturbing its soothing perfection haha. It's like a souvenir you don't want to touch.

Who knew Havaianas would make something like this? Random question of the day. Anyway join my guessing contest for a chance to win some cool stuff. Also I'm really hyper today for some reason, so I've been Tweeting a lot. Follow me! I usually put previews of blog stuff there. :P


My Nine West shoes and a contest

This is perhaps my bestest ever purchase ever! Yesterday I went to Robinson's Starmills in Pampanga on a shopping tour. Did you know that there's a lot of outlet stores in that mall which sell really cheap branded stuff? There are tons of amazing finds in that place (magic words: Mango Outlet)! But I'm getting ahead of myself. I will write about the trip in more detail soon.

I originally didn't intend to buy because I didn't need anything as of the moment - I'm stocked! But when I saw these shoes at a crazy cheap price, I just have to have them. They're not elaborate or wildly trendy at the moment, but I love the classic simplicity plus the fact that they make my feet look sexy. These are shoes I can wear forever with anything!

Gratuitous shoe photos shall follow lol.

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A perfect fit with Levi's

It was one of those small, intimate events. I wouldn't even call it an event - it's more like a leisurely lunch with friends just talking about their lives. I really enjoy these types of product introduction more than the big, glitzy ones because I feel that the people behind the brand are more interested in bloggers and blogging, rather than just a quick way to get the word out about their products.

It started unconventionally. Beauty and fashion bloggers were greeted by this:

Glue, scissors, magazines, and cute scrapbooking materials

Goodness, I haven't touched glue in months. This is exactly my kind of thing, so I went on to work on the order of the day: to make a mood/inspiration board about what I believe in.

Et voila!

I believe, first and foremost, in beauty. I believe that every woman has it but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't work on it! My style is very girly so I'm all about florals, ruffles and frills, lace, occasional bright pops of color, and lots of subtle details. I love feeling like a woman and I love being well-groomed. So how does Levi's fit in all of this? 

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