Interview with Yuko Kameyama, Japanese Makeup Artist for K-Palette

I'm fascinated about everything Japanese - their culture, art, food, and of course, their love for cosmetics! Getting lost in rows and rows of Japanese beauty aisles is one of my favorite things to do whenever I visit. One of the mainstays there is K-Palette. They make some of Japan's best selling eyeliners and eyebrow products, and their popularity has even spilled onto Philippine shores.

It's been four years since K-Palette was brought to the Philippines by Cheryl Tan-Chua, one of the loveliest, hard-working people I know. Now you can find K-Palette in all Beauty Bar stores, Rustan's, and select SM Beauty stores with a wide range of products from from eyeliner, eyebrow pens, eyeshadows, blushes, mascaras and browcaras in different hues. 

To celebrate K-Palette's anniversary this year, Beautybox Corp. threw a bento-making and shopping bash hosted by Bianca Valerio. It was a fun creative afternoon at Hajime in Rockwell, filled with delicious Japanese food and a bufet of K-Palette products up for grabs!

I also got the chance to interview Yoko Kameyama who is K-Palette's official makeup artist. She flew in from Osaka just to share her fresh knowledge on Japanese beauty. Here's what we talked about. I learned so many things that I would love to try out for myself so I promise this is a good read. ^_^

Left to right: Yuko Kameyama, myself, Cheryl Tan-Chua, Agoo Bengzon

Left to right: Yuko Kameyama, myself, Cheryl Tan-Chua, Agoo Bengzon

What is the biggest beauty trend in Japan right now?

The sweet and natural look has always been the basic trend but we also have a new trend called the 'Phero'(Pheromone)' look which features the after hot bath look which guys think is very sexy. The features are minimalist make up with red/pinkish upper cheeks that shows the features of an after-sauna effect and glossy highlights combined with the sweet look. 


If a girl can only have three makeup products in her kit, what should it be? It would be Real Lasting Eyeliner, 2 Way Eyebrow Liner and 1 Day Lash Perm Volume Mascara.

Is there a little-known Japanese secret when it comes to making eyes look beautifully wide and awake? You should focus your eyeliner and mascara application only on the middle part of the eyelid and apply only a thin line on the bottom line. Applying thick lines doesn't mean you're eyes will look bigger.  The main focus should be on making the iris appear bigger. For your mascara application, the upper lashes should be longer on the middle part and just apply lightly on the bottom middle.

What can girls do to make their eye makeup stay on longer? You must choose the right base-foundation and concealer then finish it off with a matte powder so that your eye make up will stay longer. There will be a huge difference on the color and adherence of the eye make up if the base is right.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.45.19 AM.png

What is the best way to achieve natural-looking eyebrows? What is the best eyebrow style (or look) Follow these three tips:

1. The shape should be round rather than edgy, especially on the brow arch. 

2. The eyebrow color should be between the color of your eyes (including your choice of eyeliner shade) and your hair.

3. Have the right proportion, position and length. Instead of drawing an outline for the eyebrow shape and filling it in, you'll achieve more natural looking eyebrows by drawing hair strokes following the direction of your hair growth- inner brows with strokes going up, middle brows with strokes slightly slanted up and outer brows with strokes going down. 

What is your absolutely favorite K-Palette product? It has got to be the Real Lasting Eyeliner, period! 

So there you go, I hope you guys learned a lot from Yuko-san! I'm definitely going to try out the Phero look next time I do a full face. I also love the tip about making eyes look bigger - I hadn't thought of that before! It makes a lot of sense no? Let me know how it works once you've tried these techniques too! ^_^

I love the smell of this new body wash and soap from Lux!

I'm picky with perfumes. I love bright floral scents with a heavy woody or musky base. It must smell expensive and not too common, if possible, and should stay on my skin for a good amount of time. I'm not quite as choosy with the scent of my bath essentials like shower gel and soap though. I mean, I'm just going to be the only one smelling myself during and immediately after the bath. 

There are expensive bath items out there, which I love to use on occasion, but I'm totally fine with affordable pleasant-smelling ones too. Now that Lux is here in the Philippines though, my bar for inexpensive shower gels and soaps suddenly shot up! The brand just officially launched yesterday and everyone is going crazy about it.

Why? Because, guys, the Magical Spell variant smells AMAZING. I caught a whiff when I opened the press kit and I immediately knew that we were made for each other! It has an opulent, dark floral fragrance featuring Black Orchid with a base of dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean. Sounds fancy I know, but each soap is just P39 for 110 grams and the body wash goes for P55/100ml and P120/250ml. Super sulit.

Lux promises that your skin will be infused with fragrance for eight hours. However, the scent lasts for about 40 minutes to 60 minutes max on me. Eight hours I feel is too much to expect from shower gels and soaps, unless you're paying serious money for it.

Nonetheless, I love that Lux makes my bath time a lot more relaxing and enjoyable for not a lot of money. Definitely stocking up! You can try a set for free too when you sign up here. Yes, totally free. There's no contest or strings attached. ^_^ I'd love to know how this works out for you! 

This post is brought to you by Lux.

Quickie: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Love taking selfies? Then I'm sure you know that sometimes, filters ain't gonna cut it. Sometimes, you need a foundation that will have your back in even the most stressful events, something that will give a flawless finish no matter how sketchy your skin is at the moment. That's where liquid foundations like the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (P2,950) come in!

This foundation is indeed weightless and has good staying power (about 8-10 hours with retouching). It has a thin, runny texture that is best applied with your fingers and blended quickly before it sets. Once it sets, it fades minimally on my oily-combination skin as the day wears on.

The shade I have is Barcelona - a rich golden mid-yellow that is a weeee bit darker than my face's color. But you know what, it actually works! My neck is a bit darker than my face anyway so it blends nicely. The finish is surprisingly not at all luminous. It's more matte, with a bit of a satiny sheen when the light hits it.

About to apply Barcelona here. I slap it all over my face and work it in quickly. with my fingers Once it sets, it's hard to move!

About to apply Barcelona here. I slap it all over my face and work it in quickly. with my fingers Once it sets, it's hard to move!

I love, love the coverage and the finish. It covers so much with so little product that I don't even need to use a lot of concealer afterwards! This is ideal for those with a lot of blemishes and discoloration; you'll save so much on your usual concealer.

This is what the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation freshly applied, with no concealer yet. It's rather matte, no? Not dewy as I expected.

This is what the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation freshly applied, with no concealer yet. It's rather matte, no? Not dewy as I expected.

The catch: this weirdly makes me oilier than I normally am. It doesn't slide off naman but my t-zone shines like a spotlight in under three hours. Well. I just make sure to blot and retouch with powder whenever I get shiny.

I find the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation a nice buy if you're looking for the perfect, weightless coverage for your dry to at most combination skin. NARS also has a particularly good selection of shades for yellow-toned Asian skin! If you're oily though, you'll want something with better control. ^_^

I get my NARS from, by the way. You must shop there if you don't have the time to go to a physical store.

7 Reasons Why Your Makeup May Look Bad On You

Women wear makeup to feel more beautiful and powerful. It isn't necessary, in the grand scheme of things, but it's fun to do and gives a good confidence boost whenever you need it. What's not to love? However, I've had some people tell me that they don't like to wear makeup because it makes them look old or their face ends up...not quite right. Some leave the house with absolutely no clue that their application is cringe-worthy.

Again, if you think you look perfectly gorgeous then that's ok. Let 'em cringe! But you might be missing a few things and it never hurts to improve. ^_^ Here are a few reasons why your makeup might look bad on you!

1. Your skin is not in a good state. Going for expensive, well-reviewed brands and/or piling up the coverage will NOT make bad skin disappear. Foundation, concealers, and powders can only do so much to cover up pimples, flakes, lines, and blemishes. You must learn to accept that your skin needs to improve first before you can fully maximize your bases.

Invest in good skincare and stick to a routine that works for you. See a dermatologist, if needed. 

2. You're using the wrong shades for your skin tone and hair. Makeup requires people to suspend their disbelief but that is challenged when your foundation is two shades lighter than your neck. Likewise, If you don't have red hair, then red-tinted eyebrows are a no go. As a general rule it's always good to match your bases to your skin tone and your color cosmetics as close to your hair color as possible. 

There are also color guides available for blushes, lipsticks, and eyeshadows according to how flattering they are to specific tones. 

3. The makeup is not blended properly. Sometimes I want to bring brushes with me so I can blend people's faces in! Haha seriously though, make sure that 1) all products adhere close to your skin, instead of just sitting on top 2) there are no obvious lines to be seen on your eyebrows, eyeshadow work, blushes, and contour. The trick is to always add sheer layers instead of dropping it all in, then blending it out. Put on a little first then add more as needed.

4. You have obvious facial hair and ungroomed brows. Facial hair (and body hair in general) is all about preference. You shouldn't allow yourself to be bullied to follow a standard of beauty you don't believe in. That said, a standard does exist and you can choose to follow if you prefer to look pretty according to current sensibilities. 

Removing facial hair and grooming eyebrows create a clean palette for makeup to adhere better and show off colors as they are meant to look. Facial hair causes skin to look greyish as the hair casts shadows on it; it makes skin look rough and uneven. That's why I prefer to remove mine.

5. You've played up too many features in one go. The classic rule of makeup is to highlight only one or two features at a time. Trends always seek to challenge this, but to look elegant and timeless you might want to commit to a minimal look. If you're wearing loud lips, keep the rest of your face polished but bare. If you have colorful or dark eyeshadow on then wear neutral lipstick to stay classy. Use blush to look healthy but make sure it won't compete with the lips. 

Oh and don't forget eyebrows! Keep them soft if you're wearing strong lips, stronger if you're wearing dark eye shadow. (I should probably make a diagram for all this!)

This is bordering on too much, IMHO, but it didn't cross the line because I wore no blush and had relatively soft eyebrows on.

This is bordering on too much, IMHO, but it didn't cross the line because I wore no blush and had relatively soft eyebrows on.

6. Everything has a matte finish. Women love matte because it looks fantastic in pictures plus the formula falls apart slower in hotter weather or oilier skin. However, in person, an all-matte look on the eyes, lips, and face can be disquieting. It gives off too much of a wax mannequin vibe! A dewy or satin finish should be great for everyday. Keep only strategic areas matte, and never everything. 

7. The staying power of the products you used are not suitable to your skin type and environment.  The trick lies in choosing the right formula for your skin and needs. You can even take lighting into consideration!


For example, if you're a busy student with a plate full of activities you might want a long-wearing yet light foundation with SPF50. If your air conditioner in the office dries out your skin and the light makes you look wan, you might want to go for a dewy, hydrating foundation and brighter colors.

For myself, I organise and attend events for work, so I need slightly heavier, more photogenic makeup for those days. On a normal day I just have a CC cream with high SPF, concealer, a sheer powder, eyebrows, and lip balm. It really depends! My point is that we mustn't buy products blindly. Always consider what your skin is like, what you need the products for, and where you're going.

So there you go. ^_^ Share your advice too! 

My new fave everyday mascara: The Max Factor Glamour Extensions Mascara

Receiving a compliment is the best way for me to gauge if the new product I'm trying out is something special. The nature of my job allows me access to good cosmetics but honestly, most people don't notice anymore. That's why when someone compliments me on anything in particular I always take note! When I wore the Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 Mascara (P745) to an event, about three people asked me what I had on my lashes. I was only too glad to rave about this new mascara from Max Factor to anyone who would care to listen, haha.

So what makes Glamour Extensions special? It's supposed to volumize, lengthen, and darken lashes with its Carbon Black Formula. The brush is new to me - it starts out narrow at the base then widens as it approaches the tip in a fan-like shape. It's not exactly round. It's flattish and curves inside. Sounds weird, I know, but it surprisingly makes for a highly effective shape in building up volume and separating lashes depending on which side you're using.

How I use this mascara might be a bit complicated but this is the best way to maximize the brush + formula, IMHO. For my first few swipes, I use the upper part of the curved shape. Then I flip the brush to coat my lashes with the inner curve of the brush to really pump up the volume! Afterwards, I comb through my lashes with the side "teeth" of the brush to separate them and prevent clumping.

It might take some practice to master, but then you'll get lashes like this after two coats:

Pretty eh? I don't have these many lashes, I promise! They seemed to multiply due to the fibers in the formula. I love how dark they look too. The only catch is that the mascara doesn't curl lashes all that well. The solution is pretty simple though - I just give my lashes a good curl before working the mascara in.

The mascara is water-resistant but not waterproof. This means that it can be removed with just micellar water! That's another plus point for me when it comes to an everyday mascara. I've worn this for 12 hours and it barely moved so it's a winner for me. If you get oily or sweaty around the eye area though, you might prefer a waterproof formula to avoid smearing or smudging.

Overall, I love the Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 Mascara and would recommend it to anyone who's looking for an easy-to-remove mascara that gives a sparse, thin lashes a chance to steal the spotlight. Just make sure to curl properly before applying this to get your lashes to stay up most of the time. ^_^

How do you feel about this new mascara? Is this something you'd like to try?  

Avon wants you to help Kiss Goodbye To Breast Cancer

Be prepared to see all pink this October as it's officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Avon is once again joining the fight against this deadly disease. Avon's 2015 Kiss Goodbye To Breast Cancer Campaign highlights the brand's belief that  there’s no greater purpose for men and women alike than to lend their strength, courage, and hope to those afflicted by the disease.


According to Faith Fernandez-Mondejar, Avon Head for Asia Pacific Communications and Philippines PR and Communications, “Avon’s mission is to create a world with more empowered women, because empowered women bring more beauty to the world. For close to 130 years, Avon has been all about empowering women around the world: for women to achieve financial independence, and supporting the causes that impact women most, ending domestic violence, and of course, breast cancer.”


Actors Jennylyn Mercado and Rocco Nacino are Avon's ambassadors for this campaign. During the event, Jennylyn and Rocco read stories of breast cancer survivors who were also present in the room - everyone gave them a big round of applause! It's inspiring to see those strong women look happy and brave during that day. Rocco's own mother was there, who fought breast cancer for 16 years before finally triumphing against the odds.

Avon offers several ways for you to contribute to the fight. You can avail of the Pink Ribbon Underwire Bra, Over Nature Lipstick, and Skin So Soft (SSS) Soft & White Collagen Protector Whitening Hand & Body Lotion, the brand's featured fundraising products. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the PGH Breast Care Center.


Avon also invites all to step up and step out for a purpose this October 10, Saturday, by joining the Avon Walk and Run events at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds. This year commemorates 10 years of the Avon Walk in the Philippines – the 10th year on 10/10. 

To join the walk, simply purchase the 2015 I Share the Fight Against Breast Cancer T-shirt from the Avon Representatives. A portion from each shirt sold goes towards the maintenance of the PGH Breast Care Center.

You may also join the 5K and 10K distance! To run, enlist at Chris Sports outlets (SM City BF, Glorietta 3, SM Mall of Asia, SM City North EDSA, and SM Megamall), Secondwind Running stores (Ortigas Home Depot and UP Teacher’s Village) or visit

Yes, it's a lot of information, so think of this post more as an announcement than anything else. ^_^ I do hope you can share it to your family and friends who want to join the campaign against breast cancer!


A peek into my makeup storage area

It's been a while since I showed you guys how I organize my makeup! Although these days, "organized" is a loose, loose word I use to refer to my current stash of beauty products. I know I am due for a major clean up but I simply don't have the time yet! Argh. I'll post an update when I get to do that, I promise.


For now I'd like to show you my little makeup corner. I used to do my face in front of the dresser in the bedroom, but since I got my Suesh makeup case I've moved my base of operations to my studio. On one end I have the desk where I paint and the shelves where I store my art materials. On the other end I've got this! 


It's pretty neat because it faces the window so I've got lots of natural light for photographing FOTDs, swatches, and tutorials. When it's night I just turn the light bulbs on so I can see what I'm doing in detail. Everything I need is also quite literally laid out in front of me. 


I got this cabinet from S&R The Fort just over a month ago. I just spent P1,800 since it was on sale from P2,500! Currently it stores unused and yet to be photographed press samples, but once these are cleared I plan to organize my makeup here per category. So one drawer will have only bases, another lipsticks, blushes, eye makeup etc. I just need to get my blog posts moving so I can do that.


So there you go. ^_^ Hope you enjoyed this mini tour!

What you need to know about Pink Sugar Cosmetics

A few months ago, Pink Sugar Cosmetics contacted me for a possible collaboration. "You'll love it,' Laveen Mirpuri, one of the owners, told me confidently. "We really worked hard on the formula, and we wanted to make something that we're proud of." Indeed, Pink Sugar offers high-quality yet affordable products with the most expensive one at only 699 bucks. You'll discover richly pigmented lip colors and eyeshadows, flattering blushes, and made-for-oily skin face bases when you visit Pink Sugar in Watsons stores.

Exciting right? Here's an overview of what to expect from this intriguing makeup brand! I got the whole line to play with over the weekend and I'd love to share my first impressions with y'all.

First things first: everything is manufactured in Taiwan. Taiwan is well-known for their color cosmetics and eyeliners in particular so it was no surprise that Pink Sugar's lippie line is pretty impressive, given that they're only P299 (for the HD Collection) and P349 (Creamy Mattes). There are 24 shades overall ranging from deep violets, hot pinks, and intense reds. You'll find some trendy fall colors as well as sassy brights in this range.

I haven't been able to swatch all shades but the ones I have been able to are opaque in one layer. The formula also wears well, at 3-4 hours before it starts to fade. Watch out for my full review and swatches of all the colors next week!

They've also got the Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tint (P349) which is a long-lasting color that promises to stay on all day. Will include a photo and swatches of this tomorrow in the post. Edit: Here ya go!


There are three bases to explore in Pink Sugar. The Dual Finish Face Powder (P499) is a light to mid-coverage powder with a silky, well-milled texture. I wouldn't call it foundation per se but it offers enough coverage for daily use. It comes in five shades.

There's also the It's Awesome BB Cream with SPF25 (P499). This has a light to medium coverage as well and sets completely - in other words, it's great for oily skin. I find that I have to work really fast though because it dries so quickly! This is best applied with a wet sponge to avoid streaking.

Lastly, my favorite: the Our Lil Secret Concealer (P299). It is so similar to the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer that I loved many years ago. It has seriously heavy coverage and is extremely water-resistant! I wore it to tennis practice yesterday and it was almost fully intact after enduring heavy sweat for two hours. I'm so impressed! This comes in four shades for light to medium deep skin tones.

The Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color (P499) is also exciting. There are eight shades in all and if you know your blush lore, you'll know that some of these are near-dupes of massive cult favorites. *wink* I love the dupe of NARS Laguna (South Beach) and NARS Albatross (Sin City) in particular. There's also a dupe of NARS Orgasm (Paris Lights) and MAC Melba (Miss Independent) in this collection.

The Eye Candy Eye Shadow Palette (P699) is probably my favorite out of everything Pink Sugar has to offer though. For the price you get ten shades of intense, gorgeous eyeshadows. Unlike other palettes, the neutral EC-02 palette has no misses. I swear. If you know your MAC eyeshadows you can identify each one from memory. The texture and finish are virtually indistinguishable from the original!

I have yet to play with the more colourful EC-01 though so I'll update you on that next time.

Here is EC-01 in action. I didn't wear an eyeshadow base here, but look how vibrant the colors are! I also used the felt tip end of the Honey, I'm Good Eye Liner Duo (P349) to create my subtle cat eye. I have worn this eyeliner from 10am to 10pm and guys, it didn't smudge!

For this look I used all the bases, the eyeshadow palette, the eyeliner, South Beach to contour, Sin City to highlight, and the Creamy Matte Lipstick in Desire. <3 Hay Desire is so pretty. It's my perfect slightly earthy berry for this season.

So there you have it! Go on and check Pink Sugar Cosmetics when you visit Watsons in SM Aura, SM Makati, SM Manila, SM Fairview, SM Marilao, SM Clark, SM Lanang Premier Davao, SM Mall of Asia and Watsons Ayala Center Cebu. They are currently opening more branches so stay tuned for those! I'll update this post once the counters are ready. Tell me: what are your favorites so far? Anything you want to grab ASAP?

Pink Sugar Cosmetics on Facebook | Pink Sugar Cosmetics on Instagram

*Price to be updated once I have the complete list.

Bring the spa to your home with The Body Shop's latest skincare lines

One of the reasons I enjoy traveling is I get to escape my life. It's not a terrible life by any means, but it's good to be away from the daily grind every so often. It gives me perspective and allows me to appreciate the things I normally take for granted (like super cheap transportation and food here in the Philippines haha). I travel so that when I am done I am struck by the profound realization that it's good to be home.

Aside from traveling, there are little things you can do right where you are to destress and feel as if you were in another place. You can treat yourself to the spa or bring the spa in your home, for one thing! The Body Shop's new premium lines are here to give you a luxe, back-to-nature experience. The Oils of Life skincare line features three precious seed oils known for their revitalizing and repairing properties. It has three products: the Intensely Revitalising Essence Lotion (P1,295) which is a priming toner, the Intensely Revitalising Cream (P1,695) which is a daily moisturizer, and the Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil (P2,395), a lightweight, non-sticky daily oil.

I have the Facial Oil so that's what I'll quickly review for you guys today. ^_^ To start with, it contains three precious seed oils from around the world. Black Cumin Seed Oil, known for its concentration in antioxidants from the Egyptian Nile Valley; Camellia Seed Oil, which is naturally rich in nutritive oleic acid from the evergreen trees of China; and the Rosehip Seed Oil, which is rich in Omega 3 and 6 from the Andes foothills of Chile. The Facial Oil is touted to be composed of 99% oils from natural origin.

Not to fear though, because this has a light, easily absorbed texture that doesn't feel greasy at all. It has a subtle, herby scent that smells pretty fabulous. Let's just say it's a cheaper version of the cult favorite Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Serum. ;) The Body Shop's version indeed has the same overnight brightening effect, and hydrates skin so effectively without causing it to be extra oily.

But man is it expensive. It's probably one of The Body Shop's most expensive products, at about P2,400 per 30ml. However, you'd only need about three drops of this for your whole face. It's going to take forever to finish this, even if you use it both daytime and nighttime. You can by the way definitely use it during the day. Unlike the Kiehl's oil, this doesn't sit on top of the skin. It actually fully sinks in so you can wear your makeup as if you're using a normal moisturizer underneath! That's pretty amazing.

Overall, get The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil if you've always wanted to:

1) Effectively brighten and moisturize your skin

2) Try the Kiehl's MRS but balked at the P1,000+ more expensive price tag and

3) Want a facial oil that you can for realz use during the day. This is great for all skin types, IMHO! 

And so we come to the new body care line from The Body Shop called Spa of the World. It features products key to some of the most famous beauty rituals around the world, with refined textures and delicate fragrances to take you to a spa journey. ^_^ This is a comprehensive line with anything from a Himalayan Charcoal Body Scrub to a Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil to a Hawaiian Kukui Cream. So many products, you're bound to find something! For me, it's the African Ximenia Scrub (P1,950 for 350ml), one of TBS best-selling products of all time.

It's the product that clued me into the power of salt scrubs when it comes to softening the skin. Unlike cheaper salt scrubs, this one has a creamy, non-abrasive texture that's emollient enough to keep my skin moisturized after a shower - I don't need to use a body lotion after washing! I can really testify to how effective this is in clearing off dead skin, thus giving your whole body a velvety feel.

It's quite pricey for a body scrub, but if you like luxe body care then this won't disappoint. You get about 350ml for the price which should last about 3-4 months of 3x a week usage.

So there you go. ^_^ Check out Oils of Life and Spa of the World next time you're at a TBS store!


PS I wonder how many people actually read a beauty post this long! Sometimes I can't help but share too much information!

Bronzing done right: The Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact and Sunshine Blush

Bronzer is not just a summer affair. Even if the weather is gloomy and cold, every girl could benefit from a bit of sun on her cheeks! Bronzer is the best way to bring some warmth on the skin by catching light and highlighting our natural golden tone. It can be a bit tricky though because some bronzers are too orange or too shimmery. A neutral tint and a fine satin finish is ideal for creating a natural sunlit glow.

That's why I love the new Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact (~P700 in Beauty Bar). It's part of the brand's Here Comes The Sun Collection released about a couple of months back locally. The bronzers are so finely milled and has the satin finish and natural color that I'm looking for! The gold compact itself is so gorgeous while the imprint on the powder is too pretty to use.

Artdeco also has the limited edition Sunshine Blush (~P700) in this collection. It's a compact with three blush shades that when combined create a peachy bronze glow on the cheeks.

The formula of these powders are amazing. It's designed to be water-resistant and has SPF15 - really beach-friendly if you roll that way. The bronzers stay solid for about 4-5 hours and fade only gradually during the day. If you're looking for something that won't melt in the heat or come off with a bit of rain, these should be in your radar.

The Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact in 02 is a deep tan that has a buildable color pay off. I like it well enough but I feel that it would suit deeper skin tones more. The 04, on the other hand, is lighter and a lot more subtle. Between the two though I prefer 04! I love using this two ways, first as a contour and second as an overall sheer illuminator. As I mentioned the bronzer is buildable so you can get quite a good contour without packing on too much shimmer. I LOVE IT! It's what I currently use for my daytime, naturally contoured look.

Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact in 02. Get this if you're looking to enhance your tan.

Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact in 02. Get this if you're looking to enhance your tan.

Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact in 04 is more subtle and fresh to look at, perfect for every day! It's also a more universal shade compared to 02.

Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact in 04 is more subtle and fresh to look at, perfect for every day! It's also a more universal shade compared to 02.

The Sunshine Blush is a warm peachy bronze. It can be used as bronzer or as a blush, depending on where you place it. I like to create a dimensional effect with it - I place the dusky pink right on my cheeks, and the bronze below my cheekbones. If you want something with a dual function, this blush is def for you.

Overall I highly recommend the Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact and the Sunshine Blush to girls who are looking to bronze the right way. You won't be disappointed with the shades, finish, staying power, and beautiful packaging. They're not too expensive, too, considering the quality. Artdeco always makes such good pro-level products at great price points. ^_^ Check it out the next time you're in Beauty Bar, if you haven't yet!