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New kicks from Charles & Keith

Here we go again! I visit Charles & Keith in BHS once in a while, you know, just to see what's up. There have been a lot of pretty shoes throughout the last few months, but I've been able to resist so far. Not this time, obviously. I can't let this pair go!

I've actually been vacillating between three pairs: white snakeskin platform pumps, camel pumps with gold chain, and this one. In the end I picked this pair because it's extremely comfortable. The footbed is sort of cushioned plus the heels are not that high. I think they're three inches, minus the half inch platform. Very walkable.

I haven't had the occasion to wear them yet, but I'm thinking these go best with the sexy secretary look.

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My Clinique Party

Last Saturday, I hosted a Clinique Party for my friends and readers. It was an afternoon of beauty consultations, kikay talks, and discovery. Mira, the Marketing Manager of Clinique, said she thought that everyone knew each other. I guess that's a compliment to everyone, because most of them met each other only for the first time!

I think everybody had fun because the event was so chill yet very informative. Clinique has its own beauty system - philosophy, if I may call it - that's been consistent since it was founded in the 60's. The core of the brand is the skin consultation where a Clinique expert determines your skin type and prescribes products for your personalized 3-step skincare system.

Aside from the 3-Step System, Clinique has the half face makeup demo. This is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to apply cosmetics on themselves. The Clinique consultant does half a face of makeup and then teaches you how to duplicate it. Neat right?

Here are more photos!

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Colour Collection Color Intense Lipsticks

My mom and I are lipstick buddies. When I was still in school, I would always borrow her lipsticks. But now that I have a collection of my own, she would always borrow mine! So when we had lunch the other weekend she complimented my loud pink lipstick - mind you, she's 51 - and asked if she can wear it too. Of course I said yes. We went around the mall, arm in arm, wearing the exact same shade. Ah, how beauty products make fond memories!

Tea Rose, the shade we are both in love with right now

The Colour Collection Color Intense Lipstick (P350) is supposedly patterned after NYX's wildly successful Round Lipsticks, but I dare say that CC lipsticks are better than NYX ones. Why? Color Collection has the intense pigmentation and moisturizing properties of NYX lippies, but they last longer and smell better (NYX lippies smell and taste kind of soapy).

Let's go through the pros and cons!

What I love about the product

  • Intensely pigmented. One swipe will deliver rich color on your lips.
  • Creamy and moisturizing, although I would still suggest a light layer of lip balm
  • Delivers a satin finish (my favorite kind).

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Winners of the Inches Off contest

Here are the winners of my last contest, as drawn by the representative of Inches Off!


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Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

I've ranted before that I don't like liquid eyeliners. I found their built-in applicators difficult to use - they're either too thin, too stiff, too awkward to maneuver around the contours of the eyes. Don't get me wrong, I love the precise effect and lasting power of liquid liners, but the applicator is usually the deal breaker for me.

And then I met the Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner (P695).

I am in love with the brush of this automatic pen. It's made of synthetic hair that's actually close to the quality of a professional makeup brush. It's soft and delivers a perfect line with no fuss. It does take a bit of practice,so you have to try it for a couple of times to get a feel for it.

I like the brush so much that I plan to use it for my gel eyeliners when I run out of the Majo liner! :D Anyway, it's time to talk about the formula.


What I love about the product

  • Stays on all day with zero smudging

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Lat Saturday, I held a Clinique party for Project Vanity readers. I don't want to be too presumptuous, but I think everybody had fun! I know I did. I'll write a detailed post soon, but for the meantime here's what I wore:

Zara cardigan/ Warehouse tank/ Soiree lace shorts/ SM and Avon accessories/ Charles & Keith wedges

It was sweltering that day so I chose to wear super lightweight fabrics and colors. Also, I knew I was going to stand most of the day so I picked my Charles & Keith platform heels, quite possibly the most comfortable heels I have ever had the pleasure to own.


My Ipanema GB Hot Sands pair

I promised you guys that I'll show you what I got from Bambu, and here it is! 

I like Ipanema's strappy flip flops, but I'm usually too lazy to adjust and fix the straps before I leave. I want fuss-free flip flops that still look stylish and I think this pair, the GB Hot Sands Thong Fem with a ribbon, fits the bill.

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What's in Bianca Valerio's bag?

If you know your local fashion ABCs, then you should know who Bianca Valerio is. Aside from being fashionable and multi-talented (she's a makeup artist, TV and events host, and model, among other things), Bianca sets herself apart by being intelligent and incredibly frank. She's honest where other celebrities would play coy. Example: when asked where she got her jacket, Bianca said, "From Hong Kong! It's only P500!" If she said it was from Chanel, we would have believed it.

Bianca has a knack for looking expensive from head to toe, but this girl is a bargain hunter at heart. Her "designer" bag? From a tiangge. Her accessories are only a couple of hundred pesos from Bangkok. Thus, it's no surprise that she agreed to be Colour Collection's Chief Makeup Artist considering her passion for spotting great, affordable finds that work.

I'm sure a lot of girls are wondering what Colour Collection is by now. It's Tupperware's makeup brand! Who would've thought that the plastic container giant dabbles in makeup?

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Summer uniform

I have finally found my summer uniform. It's airy, it's light, it hides all that needs to be hidden. Goes with most heels too. Please don't be surprised if you see me wearing this dress, okay? I'll probably wear it out as soon as it's dry from the laundry.

Flair For Drama dress/ SM shoes/ Avon accessories

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Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in Galia

Call me typical, but one of my favorite movies of all time is Breakfast At Tiffany's. A favorite scene of mine is the one where Holly Golightly wakes up late on a Thursday. She fumbles all over her flat for her shoes and her dress, rushing down the stairs to visit mob boss Sally Tomato in Sing Sing prison. Nevertheless, Holly was groomed in five minutes, finishing her look with a nude pink lipstick and a few spritzes of perfume.

Holly is the kind of woman who loves beautiful things, carefully chosen pieces that she can afford with her limited "glamour girl" money. She's also the kind of girl who isn't ready until she has lipstick. "Hand me my purse, will you, darling? A girl can't read that sort of thing without her lipstick," she says.

This memorable woman is the first person I thought of when I tried the Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in Galia. The beautiful packaging looks just like something Holly Golightly would carry in her purse or keep in her apartment cubbyhole if she were alive today. Of course, I'm sure she would love the nude pink color of Galia, which is similar to the lipstick she's wearing in the photos.



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