Video Tutorial: Gradient Green Eyes with a single palette

Shimmery eyeshadow palettes, especially the ones from Japanese brands, don't get much love here. They're a bit challenging I admit, but I just love how cute they can be! These shimmer palettes also simplify my choices, which matters when I'm rushing out of the house. All the colors are coordinated for this one look and I love that.

In this quick video, allow me to show you how I do gradient eyes with the Kanebo Kate Trap Impact Eyes in GN1 (P880). I used my new DSLR to shoot it! I'm still learning the ropes so I hope you can be patient with the quality. I hope you enjoy watching! Please let me know what you think.  

Product List: Kate Trap Impact Eyes / Zoeva Eyeshadow Brush and Blending Brush / Yadah Autoliner in Brown / Browhaus HD Mascara