Three quick hair hacks for women who are always running late

I feel the prettiest when my hair is on point, but I need at least an hour to blow dry and style my hair. The results are fantastic, but who has time for that? There are quick and easy ways to get your crowning glory into a neat and presentable state. Try these hacks for when you've overslept or are just feeling too lazy to go into full-on salon hair mode!

Image via Cosmopolitan

Image via Cosmopolitan

Hair Hack #1: Easy Waves

Braid your hair, then press a heated flat iron over it to make imperfect waves. This is a neat hair hack because you can sport two looks in one go! If you’re commuting to work and/or don't have an iron at home, I suggest that you keep the braid until you’re at the office. For a truly beachy vibe, you can spritz a salt spray onto your tresses right before braiding.

Image via

Image via

Hair Hack #2: Braided Hairband

Divide your hair into two sections. Create a French braid on both sides, then use bobby pins to lock the ends at the base of your head. You can do this with medium-length or long hair, though it requires basic skill when it comes to braiding. And don't worry about getting the braids perfect - messy strands add a fun and sexy quality to this 'do.  I like this hair style because it’s unique and once you let the braid go, you’ll get instant mermaid waves, too! Just perf for a night out in town.

Hair Hack #3: Quick Curl

Sometimes hair can be too stubborn to follow heat-less hair hacks, especially when you want your mane to have more volume and texture. After spritzing on some product, I use my flat iron to curl the tips of my annoyingly straight hair. The result is cute wavy hair that lasts throughout the day! If you’re a pro and depending on your hair’s thickness, you can do this within 10-20 minutes tops. It's pretty easy to do, and you can find more tips for doing this in my blog post.

What's your go-to daily hair style? Do you have a hair hack for surviving the morning rush?